User: Jenn
Race: Deva
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Swordmage/10
Greatest Regret: Ties back to the second item that is in my backpack...the Elven-crafted necklace. My biggest regret was not having the Swordmage skills and/or knowledge at the time that may have saved my Elf love lifetimes back.

Favorite food: Honeyed sweet breads (I have a bit of a sweet tooth) and herbal teas to drink (they relax me and prepare me for meditation).

What 3 Personal Items are in your Backpack?
The first item is a simple one. It is a smooth stone, amethyst in shade, shot through with lightning streaks of blue coloring. There is no real sentimental value to this stone, but it serves as a good “worry stone” of sorts that comes in handy during meditation and during bouts of philosophical thought and discussion. (What? A girl can't like something because it is pretty? Haven't you ever had a rock garden when you were growing up? It's simply one of those 'hey, look...something shiny' things. Speaking of something shiny...on to item #2)
The second item is a silver chain adorned with a Elven-crafted charm. This charm is a delicate and detailed set of silver wings with a blood-red stone in the center. It was given to me in a past life by the one love I ever bound myself to in marriage. He was an Elf and our many years together fighting side-by-side ended tragically when he was killed in battle. I return now, as I was then, on the path of a Swordmage. My goal is to learn and master all the skills and techniques of a Swordmage...those that may have prevented my love's death in the first place...as well as to continue “fighting the good fight” as we had together.
The third item is a leather bound sketch pad. One hobby that I have is to draw places I have been in this life as well as those that I can recall from lives gone by. Unfortunately, unlike many other Deva, I am not naturally artistic (at least not by any standards of my own). Striving for perfection in things is the “Deva Way” and, so, I sketch. Not only am I trying to sketch the look of a place, but, for it to be right, it must convey the FEEL of the place as well as the emotional memory tied to it. I do not share my works as they are usually 'works in progress' that I am trying to get to my liking and, when that fails, they are often burned to clear my mind for a new attempt. Luckily, this keeps the sketch pad light in my pack.
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