Keran Mirwood

"Peace through power."
User: Greg
Campaign: Storm of Chaos
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Cleric/7
A fairly short elven girl weighing barely 8 stone with long black/light pink tresses and hazel eyes. She dresses in very skimpy attire usually in shades of red and pink. Accompanied at all times by her dog Rixy, a butterscotch and white corgi breed.
Keran was born in the elven city of Mox; a curious place where the normal forest living elves used magics to build a city made of water on top of a lake.

She is the 7th daughter born to the town mayor. Just like her sisters, upon her birth Keran had a watery shrine built in her honor and was adored by the townspeople.

On her 100th birthday Keran was betrothed to marry an elven boy named Rixy; the only son of the town's most holy cleric. As was custom, she went to live with Rixy before their marriage. He was stuffy and somewhat boring, but Keran cared for him all the same.

Many years hence on the day they were to be wed; a group of women invaded the town, deconstructing the magics holding it together. Many citizens drowned; Keran and Rixy however made it to shore. Unfortunately one of the women was watching and hurried after them.

Still in their wedding vestments, the woman mocked them, then cursed Rixy, transforming him into a dog.

Keran was traumatized and fled with Rixy away from her home. She had no clue the motive or the means the women employed, she only feared for her and Rixy's safety, even if he was only now a dog.

It was many years before she finally settled down again; living with only Rixy in a small cottage in the forest. The events of her wedding day haunted her still. The trauma came to a head one day while out in the woods gathering food, Keran by chance she ran into another survivor of Mox; one of her sisters Nehelenia.

In the elven towns and villages around Mox, Nehelenia and Keran were considered to be the two most pristine beauties of elven society. However now Keran could barely recognize her sister; she was extremely old, a very unusual sight for an elf. The same woman who had cursed Rixy, also layed hands on Nehelenia, draining her youth and beauty.

Keran driven half mad at the sight of her sister in this condition; murdered her with the dagger she carried for protection. Once she came to her senses, she was grief stricken and dragged her sister's body back to her home.

Having lived with Rixy and his family for years before they were to be married, Keran had read his family's many books about clerics and magics in their extensive library. She flashed back to one day being bored and stumbling upon a locked chest within the library. Being curious she pried it open and discovered strange items and a book of dark cleric magics. She practiced a few harmless spells here and there, but only to amuse herself.

As she lay over her sister's corpse, she faintly remembered a spell to restore life. She quickly gathered herself together and left her home to scavenge for the items she needed. When she returned, she performed the ritual.

Nehelenia rose from the floor; and Keran was overjoyed with seeing her sister again and went to hug her. But the creature was not really her sister, and did not recognize Keran as it's master, it attacked!

Keran was trapped in her small home; struggling against the force of a zombie. Rixy barked and nipped at it's heels till the zombie reared around and struck the dog. The attack ceasing for a moment, Keran fearing for Rixy reached for her blade and once again stabbed her sister, over and over again and again till she was once again lifeless.

As she sat covered in the blood of the day, she wept. She reflected on her wedding day, and on her sister's corpse today. She began to realize the powerful potential of magics. She vowed she would become a powerful cleric to wield magic for her own designs. Why limit yourself like Rixy's family had; why torture and murder without reason like the women invaders had; why build a town like Mox when you can build a world?!

Keran gave her sister a traditional Mox burial in a small lake near her cottage. Afterwards she didn't go back home, she took Rixy and set off to visit cities in search of libraries and schools which offered training in magics. She eventually joined with a group of adventurers which allowed her to travel faster, safer and to a wider range of places. She was also put into new situations to critically think on how best to use her magics, a talent not taught in any school she had since enrolled.

One day, for Rixy, she will bring the world to order.