"For the greater good and justice in the light of Pelor"
User: Chuck
Campaign: Storm of Chaos
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/7
Bright red hair with flecks of gray showing his age. Neatly trimmed beard that is a bright red, but stills shows the signs of graying. Thick full eyebrows on his battle scared face amplifies the emotions Sumnus openly expresses. He prays to the god Pelor (the sun god).
Sumnus' father was a grunt worker in Scornubel. He was killed intervening in a fight between his boss and a out of town merchant. The family was devestated by the loss.

Sumnus, at the age of six along with his sister was taken to a church to live. Their mother could not take care of them and felt the church was her only choice. Drellan, Sumnus' sister became of age and was sent off to a school. Sumnus has never seen her since.

Scornubel was a trade town and had its fair share of bandits and ruffians. Law was non-existent and the city's inhabitants suffered. Sumnus grew into a large, formidable young man which the church took advantage of. A local guild trained Sumnus in the arts of weaponry and the handling of a blade where as the church instilled morals and a sense of justice. Sumnus quickly took up being the law for the city folk and helped where he could.

As the years went by the church could not stay in the city financially. Sumnus was sent off to an ancient order of Pelor Crusaders. There he fine tuned his skills.

Sumnus would travel all over Faerun, going from temple to temple helping where he could. It was during one of these missions that he met Felicia and Kaylin and later on Keran.