Felicia Night

"Mine's bigger. "
User: Jeremy
Campaign: Storm of Chaos
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/7
Female human taller than average. Short black hair and piercing green eyes. Tends to dress in black liking the color and more importantly it masks the blood of her enemies. Does not outwardly look like someone that could carry a sword half again her size. Quick to smile and laugh despite her stern appearance.
Felicia Night was born in a small town of little note. Her mother died in child birth and all that was left of her father was bitterness and regret. With a father that had little time for any thing but drinking, Felicia was left to her own devices growing up.

She was a wild child who had little patience for the towns woman who desperately tried to act as surrogate mothers and dress her up in pretty dresses and colorful ribbons. You'd be more likely to find her hanging out with the local boys and getting into all sorts of mischief. More often than not coming home covered in mud.

Life passes quickly in a small town. On her 16th birthday her father gave her the only present that she can ever remember. It was a full blade that she'd never seen him carry before. With a dullness in his eyes he told her to leave and never come back. Whenever he looked at her he could only see the murderer of his wife. He'd done his duty and raised her until she was old enough to protect herself and that was that.

Barely able to carry the great sword and having few provisions you'd think life would be looking pretty grim at that point but Felicia felt like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Determined to make her way in the world and learn how to make use of this beast of a sword she left her little town without a look back.