Lhyrial umenano-Ranivorus

"Fate and destiny mean little, only survival. "
User: Sabrina
Race: Gnoll
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Fighter/14
A hulking humanoid female, over 7 foot tall, stands before you. Her meticulously clean fur is an off white shade, with slightly darker spots and she has scars on her muzzle. One ear has a golden ring dangling from it. Intelligent crystal blue eyes stare intently at you. You cant be sure if she is snarling, or smiling at you with a mouth full of well kept teeth. She wears well made leather armor, with a buckler on one arm. Slung across her back is a huge ax, that glows slightly. She carries a knapsack, that is strangely heavy. If you look closely enough, you can see a choker around her throat.

When walking in civilized cities, however, she looks nothing like this.
An average height, average weight, average everything young girl stands before you. She isn't especially pretty, but nor is she ugly. You cant be sure is shes human, or elven. She is wearing a plain dress, and sensible shoes. She is unusually clumsy , and speaks with a growling rasp
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