User: Brian
Campaign: Serpent's Skull
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Monk/1
Gorag is an imposing figure standing at 6’8” tall. He has a thick build and is well muscled from constant training and exercise. His skin has a light green hue that is punctuated with scars of all shapes and sizes. He wears simple clothing, usually a dull brown or tan. His only other defining characteristic is the large tusks that protrude from his lower jaw.
Gorag’s homeland is the Hold of Belkzen. He was born into a clan of Orcs who settled west of Urgir. He didn’t know his mother well, as she was a thrall used mainly for producing half-orc offspring as potential leaders for the clan. Gorag was one such child. However, he showed little cunning and even less ruthlessness which had come to be expected from such half breeds. This led to almost constant beating and berating from his full orc “handlers” and his half-orc siblings who sought only to impress and rise in the ranks themselves. After one particularly severe beating at the age of 7 and threats of being discarded as worthless, Gorag finally fled south.

Wandering alone, he slept were ever he could find shelter and ate what little he could find in the barren land. When he happened upon a human village he was instantly feared and mistrusted. No one took any pity on him due to his orcish appearance. With no money and no one willing to give him a chance his only option was to steal supplies. This didn’t help the local’s view of him and he was run out into the wilderness again.

He continued south into the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains. He felt a strange kinship with the craggy rocks of the mountains and although his supplies were running low he lingered there. Wandering the mountain passes proved to be a bad idea with winter quickly approaching. Food was scarce and he greatly underestimated the effect the mountain would have on the winter storms. Freezing and starving he thought he was at his end. As luck would have it he stumbled upon a large monastery hidden away in the mountains. Near death he had little choice but throw himself on the mercy of who ever he found inside.

To his surprise the humans here showed no fear or mistrust of him. In fact they quickly took him in and gave him food and shelter from the cold, nursing him back to health. Not sure how to react to this, he did the only thing he knew how. He tried to steal more supplies and sneak away on his own again. The monks caught him in the act but rather than beat him and run him off they offered more supplies saying the winter would be harsh and that he should take more if he truly planned on leaving. This only confused Gorag more and upon seeing his confusion the monks offered another solution. He could stay the winter here instead. However, if he chose to stay he would be assigned a set of chores, as all the monks were, and would be expected to help were ever needed. Not wanting to face the harsh cold again Gorag chose to stay.

The winter seemed to pass quickly with most of his time taken up by chores and assisting in the daily life at the monastery. When spring came he was again faced with choice of leaving or staying. He chose to stay as he had grown accustom to life at the monastery. Everyone was treated equally because all pitched in equally. Furthermore, over the course of the winter he had witnessed the monks in combat training sessions that were focused on not using weapons or armor. This contradicted everything he had learned from the Orcs as their fighting was almost completely centered on large weapons and heavy armor. He was very intrigued by these methods. Although much too young to properly begin training the monks promised that should he stay and prove he was dedicated to mastering his own urges, they would gladly teach him all they had to offer.

Gorag spent the next twenty years at this monastery. He was taught a great many things, combat training being the least the monks had to offer. He was taught to read and write as well as how to be self sufficient. Greatest of all, was the knowledge that through seeking his own perfection and achieving mastery over himself anything was possible. Through his studies and meditation he began to believe that his perfection was not meant to be achieved here at the monastery, however. He felt he would find it out in the world helping others to find their path as the monks had helped him to find his. And so Gorag left the monastery to seek out those looking for direction as he had done.