Mauser Stilwatur II

"To know a person's religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance."
User: Joe
Campaign: Serpent's Skull
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cleric/Level 11
From the desert lands of Thuvia, Mauser Stilwatur, is thy name.I am a Healer and one time Merchant. I helped batch up and then Courier the limited and highly pricey Sun Orchid Elixir(Potion of Youth), per The City State of Merab where I'm from in my youth. I now have a Sarenrae sanctuary in Cheliax in exchange for my delivery of the elixir. When I'm done helping my friends on this epic journey to smite evil, I will pass on my knowledge unto others, with Sarerae's Blessing. May her light shine down on the darkest of thoughts and bring hope.
Born the son of Noble Argonus Wumpus Stilwatur, (Wife: Arya Alinlae, deceased) from the lands of Thuvia, Mauser's path wasn't always such that of a Healer. By his father's doing he was squired into knighthood and only when Mauser was able did he leave the knights for his own true path. He angered his father to become a Healer and priest at the Citadel of the Healing Sun. It was here where he furthered his worship with the Goddess of Sarenrae.

Mauser returned to The Citadel of the Healing Sun,located in the City State of Merab, which is where he was born. Excelling in many ways,his mentor and teacher, Father Sandglosso, set out a pilgrimage for Mauser. With his knightly training and healing ways he was one who could care for himself as well as others. His clerical mission, was to set north across the Inner Seas and set forth towards the "wild lands" of Cheliax, where many a people may seek his help and/or guidance, as well as, deliver the Sun Orchid Elixir to the leader of the Sarga government in the city Eleder, using the money that is owed to further pass on the Holy Word of Sarenrae.

"For in this land of death and despair, there is always a need for healing."