User: Briar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/1
Though short for a human, Raith's build is particularly athletic with obvious traits leaning to hint at the fact that somewhere down his family line is a touch of elven ancestry finally overpowered by the human in his blood. This is commonly seen in his cheek-bones, which are slightly more pronounced than a normal human, and in his ears, which have barely visible points to the tips.

His skin tone is an off-peach color, likely due to his unwillingness to be out in the open. If one looks very closely, however, they can also see a subtle (yet likely unrecognizable) hint of feyish ancestry in the form of very faint, near-invisible line-like indentions in his skin that seem to form a complex pattern of primeval symbols. Despite this rather unique presence in his bloodline, however, it seems to be too weak to endow him with much else. His palm, in particular, seems to harbor a strange symbol made from these lines that neither he (nor any one else for that matter) can decipher the meaning of.

He has somewhat long hair, falling to about an inch below his shoulder, which is mostly medium brown with an ever-so-slight reddish tint, often referred to as autumn auburn. Several of such strands are small, tight braids that hang loosely over his back. His eyes appear slightly oval-shaped and are a brilliant, almost unnaturally shimmering blue-ish green.

His attire typically consists of grays, blacks and whites, and normally covers the full breadth of his body. Beneath everything, he wears black leggings and a light shirt, which are likely a half a size two small for him given how tightly they mesh to his skin. Room enough to breathe, but little else. Over this, he wears light gray pants which are torn at the bottom of the legs, and a white-dyed vest made of thickened leather with metal studs at various points. Lastly, he wears a gray hooded cloak, with a small ninja-like face-mask that clips to either side of the inside of his hood.

An idiot could notice the strong wooden bow strapped across his back that seems to be made of reddish oak and bears several seemingly pointless and mostly unusable strings. An clever man, however, would also notice the grip of a thin, hilt less short sword sticking out from the left of his rawhide leather boots.
Born in the small, otherwise unimportant backwater town of Daelin's Crossing, his father was a simple farmer whilst his mother worked in the town's tailory. His father was...something of an alcoholic and many a night often passed where the patriarch did not make it out of the tavern doors. At times, it would be a fortnight before he would seem his father's face again, and it was rare for such a face to not wear a grimace of discontent.

The truth would finally arise, however, when his mother decided to drag her husband home one night and found him bedded with a courtesan. The argument to end all arguments erupted that night, and it ended with the hinges of the door breaking from the force of it being slammed. He woke to find his father gone and his mother weeping in the kitchen.

Days would eventually turn into a week before a search party was sent out to find him. By then, Raith's mother had become distraught and grew ill over her husband's departure. It was only intensified when the search party returned, not with a drunken man stumbling amidst them, but instead with a wooden casket.

Raith had always been close to his mother and her illness struck him harder than his father's death. But he was a strong-willed young boy, and despite the physician saying that she would likely not make it more than a month, he tried his best to nurse her back to health. Even then, he only prolonged the inevitable. His mother passed on his sixteenth birthday, and with no where else to go, he simply packed up and left his troubles behind him.

Leaving his old life behind was not as hard as he expected. There were not many children in Daelin's Crossing, no childhood sweetheart, nor any other family that he was aware of. The true test lay in his future. The wilderness was no place for a boy his age and he knew it. But he couldn't turn back, nor even look over his shoulder. Ahead of him was the capitol city of Albarna; perhaps his future could be found there...

As it turned out, however, there was little for him there either. Everything seemed to cost more there, and with what little coin he had, he could barely afford to sleep on the tavern floors at night. His mother had always taught him never to lie, cheat or steal. He never wanted to either, but soon, he found that he had to.

This seemed to continue for some time, though he lost track of just how long he slummed the streets, looking for his next meal. The days just seemed to blur together. At least, until that day...

It was brisk even with the sun beating down upon the city. He was walking quietly along one of the back-alley streets when he heard a shriek. Looking over, he saw the beautiful figure of a young woman likely his own age along with a shady-looking character whom was attempting to pull the girl into an alleyway.

Without thinking, he immediately ran after them and before he knew it, was brawling with the man. Luckily, the man was simply a drunken guard whom had had a little too much. Putting the man down was not difficult, and he turned to help the girl to her feet and escort her away. She was quite beautiful, even without her elven figure and grace. Thaelina, he learned later, was her name.

Taking the young elven girl away was only the beginning, however, and soon, the two of them had become close friends. Eventually, however, the question of his past arose, as well as his home. He didn't have one, of course, and he would not lie to Thaelina. He expected her to wince and chastise him at his 'profession', but she said nothing.

It was a strange thing being proposed to rather than proposing, and even stranger were the fact that there were terms. Thaelina would marry him, but if she did, he could never steal again. Raith agreed without question, and within the year, the two were happily married. In the years that followed, he would also father two children; a boy, Marius, and a girl, Tinaev.

How I wish I could say that his story ended here, that he lived out his life in peace and happiness. But a hero's story does not end so easily.

One night when he was returning home from a business venture, he found his hamlet deathly quiet. Upon entering, he heard a hushed sigh and immediately his eyes settled on the bloodied figure of his wife's dwarven servant, Dargol. He did not live long, but long enough to tell Raith what had transpired. Thieves had broken into their home in a bid to steal their valuables. They did not expect to find Thaelina and their children there, nor did they expect that Thaelina would attempt to fight back. She had been no match for them, though, and was overtaken. Dargol had overheard their leader say that she was a 'fiesty little whore' and that he would take her for his own. The little ones would make fine slaves to someone.

The town guard proved to be no help. There was little trace of what happened to the thieves and their new cargo, and they could do nothing for him. Now beyond despair, rage overtook Raith. If the guards would not help him, then he would find his family himself.

Near of a month passed with no luck. Not even a grapevine of people from across the reaches of the city could grant him the information he desired. Were it not for one faithful evening in a small tavern, he might have never found what became of them.

A gnomish thief, recently retired, seemed to recognize him. Out of thin air, the tiny little man revealed that he used to run with the gang that took his children and wife. He had quit some time ago when he learned that they were in to kidnapping; stealing he'd never had a problem with, but this had been too much.

The gnome supplied him with what he knew. The name of their leader, Valin, and the locale of their safe houses; and good luck. Raith didn't want the man's wishes, though. He wanted his family safely returned, and the head of this Valin.

He wasted no time in tracking the thieves down. The safe house was dismal and quiet. The guard eyed him as he approached and was about to speak when Raith's blade emerged from inside his cloak and pierced the guard's neck. No words, only a guttural last breath as the blood flooded his windpipe. Raith opened the door and descended the stairwell, his eyes aflame with fury.

Killing the two guards within the next room would have been easier, but he opted instead to simply sneak by them, and to great success. The last room he entered was nothing short of a harem, with many a half-dressed (and some not at all) women laying about on piles of pillows. On the far side of the room was a particularly large pile, where lay a man and his hookah, surrounded by at least five more women; one of which, he immediately recognized to be Thaelina.

She, in turn, saw him, and had it not been for her calling to him, he might have been able to skillfully make his way to Valin and kill him without a word. The man's gaze rose to meet Raith's and he stood.

"What is the meaning of this? Guards! Kill this fool!"

But no guards came. Valin sighed and pulled forth a longsword from neath his pillow, "Fine, I'll deal with this myself. Come, let me know your name so that I can carve it on your chest after you're dead."

"Your end," Raith snapped, drawing forth his short sword. The battle that followed was heated, though Valin had the clear advantage, and it was not long before he had disarmed Raith and was preparing to sink his sword into him. He smiled at the human and opened his mouth to speak, but recoiled in surprise as a trail of blood began flowing from his mouth.

Behind him, the gnome pulled his thin, green-bladed dagger from the back of the man's waist and looked down to Raith, "Thanks for getting his attention. Why don't you take your little lass and get out of here?"

The now enraged Valin had other plans, however and thrust forth. The blade pierced something, but it was not Raith. In one motion, Thaelina had placed herself in the way and the blade was driven through her. The gnome skillfully jumped up and drove his dagger into the back of Valin's head, turning to Raith as he held his beloved in his arms.

Three guards, each of them with a knife wound in their leg, burst forth from the chamber doors. The gnome turned to Raith, "Best get out of here and her to a doctor," he said, turning around and charging at them.

Raith did as the gnome told him, though not before thanking him. Fate smiled upon him, as it did Vaelina. Miraculously, she had survived the wound, but it had pierced her spine, leaving her without the ability to walk and without a voice. Still, Raith was thankful.

He met the gnome a few days later. Aparantly the gnome had had a bit of a vendetta against Valin for getting his brother killed. He left Raith with a few pieces of wisdom. The children had been sold off long ago, tracking them was nothing short of impossible. Yet Valin had had many friends, and many enemies. Perhaps with them, he might find his lost heirs. But these friends would not look kindly on his death.

Raith sent Vaelina back to his home in Daelin's Crossing. It was quiet, out of the way; safe from Valin's 'friends'. Raith, on the other hand, had unfinished business here, and he would not rest until he found his children. But to move about the city without the watchful eyes of his enemy finding him, he would need a new name.

And so, from that point on, he became Wrath...the Grey Shadow of Justice.