User: Pat
Race: Twandan
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Lots/Novice
Aelin is a big, handsome Twandan with red-gold hair and hazel eyes. He is 6’3” tall, weighs 230 pounds, has several scars but none remarkable. He tends to dress well, in shades of brown and green and pale yellow. Typically he wears brown leather pants, a pale yellow silk shirt and a cloak of forest green.
Aelin is a former scout/guerilla fighter in the Rankan military with a gift for languages and cartography. He left the military after five years of service, mostly at Wizardwall because he was sick and tired of the military mentality, wars, killing and cruelty. He still has some pretty strong bonds with his brothers in arms, a strong sense of right and wrong that got him in trouble with his commanders and a willingness to put his neck on the line to help out people he thinks deserve better. He returned to Ranke but a series of indiscretions with young aristocratic ladies got him into some trouble.

He has a small, temporary booth in the bazaar where he works as an independent scribe and cartographer. He only works as much as he needs to in order pay for beer, food and rent. His plan is to hole up in Sanctuary for a time until the fathers, husbands and brothers in Ranke forget about him. Then he’ll return to more civilized lands. In the meantime he sleeps in a rented room north of the maze on the nights he is not protecting beautiful young noble ladies from unbearable loneliness and boredom.

Early in his military days Aelin was nearly killed by Dyareelans. Most of the rest of his small troop were killed outright or captured and tortured to death in the engagement. He made a vow to Heqt to root out and destroy the agents of Dyareela in exchange for his life that day. Since then he has worn a small token of Heqt, either on a thong about his neck or in a pouch.