""Muffin Button!?" :D"
Campaign: Marvel Earth 1138
Race: Leoven
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: HULK SMASH!/over 9000?
"He's a Leoven. Silver fur, with Blue Mane, eyes, tail brush, and wings. In his Leonin form, he has seven foxes tails, following the same Silver/Blue color scheme. Silver for the length,and blue for the tips. In his Otter/Bear form, he's a deep auburn. Muscular, but not bulgingly so. He's toned, and more acrobatic, but still as fast as in his Leonin form. He's got jewels all over his body. Sapphires line his back and sides. There are sapphires on either side of his jaw. There are Peridots on top of all his paws, and a Ruby in the crook of his right foreleg. He has a Diamond on his forehead, and a Black Fire Opal dead center on his chest. He wears a Purple crystal his mate gave him around his neck."
Older than your concept of time and space
"The Character is based off of my Fursona, as I am a Furry. The description of what he looks like is accurate. But his Background was modified real quick-like to fit the scheme of the Campaign. More will be filled in as the game goes on. Expect Background updates."