Aliaga Darkeyes

"All you need is love"
User: Andrew
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Magic-User/1
Aliga is a 21 year old Magic User from the kingdom of Rodeme. After a somewhat tortured past, she is hoping to move on and become a defender of justice. She is more docile in nature than her older sister, Petra, and likes to avoid conflict as much as possible. She hopes to one day become a strong sorceress but in the mean time, she enjoys the occasional magic missile.
Armor Class: 8 Max HP: 4

STR 10: Hit prob: +0 Bend bars 1% wgt. allow +0 open doors 1-2
INT 16: max lang: 5 Know spell: 65% Min spells: 7 Max Spells: 11
WIS 12:
DEX 16: Missile adjustment: +1 Defense adj.: -2
CON 12: system shock 80% resurrect survival 85%
CHA 12: max hench 5

Saving Throws
Parlyze/Poison/Death 14
Petrification,Polymorph 13
Rod,Staff,Wand 11
Breath 15
Spell 12

Name S/M dmg L dmg speed
Staff 5 lbs 1d6 1d6 4

Spells per day: 1

Spell list:
Magic Missile
Find Familiar
Unseen Servant
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Burning Hands
Shocking Grasp
Tensors Floating Disk