"The money's under the mattress."
User: Jonathan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric/2
My name is Doub. I come from a long line of fighters and healers though I know little of my family other than this. I have no memory of my mother and I can only assume that I have no siblings. Last year my father, Poobpelch, set out on a short journey but never came home. After several weeks of awaiting his return, I skipped town to avoid being sent to the local orphanage. I have no where to go and no one to help me, but I'm optimistic that my father is still out there. It is my destiny to find him.
I am a loyal servant of Thor and have aligned myself with the chaotic good. I'm known for my harmless pranks and foolish antics among those in my party. I see joy in entertaining the group, but I sometimes do this at the expense of others. I make quick judgments about those I meet, and some have even called me a racist for this. I am currently the group's self appointed treasurer and no one truely knows the extent of the party's funds but myself. Despite my greed, I fearlessly help my friends in their time of need, but frequently I am the cause of their troubles. My decisions may be rash, but my heart is true.