"Adventure is out there!"
User: Rebecca
Race: Half - Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Ranger
An eccentric Half-Elf who is a lover of all things adventuresome. She's impulsive, clumsy, and ridiculous to boot. It's a wonder people ever feel safe when she's around. She set out on a quest for adventure and ended up with a rag tag bunch of misfits where she feels she fits right in.
She comes from a large family and has developed a thick skin and a quick wit as a result.
Armor Class: 4
Max HP: 13

STR 14: Bend bars 7% wgt. allow 200 open doors 1-2
INT 13: max lang. 3
WIS 14:
DEX 12:
CON 14: system shock 92% resurrect survival 88%
CHA 11: max hench 4

Saving Throws
Parlyze/Poison/Death 14
Petrification,Polymorph 15
Rod,Staff,Wand 16
Breath 17
Spell 17

Name S/M dmg L dmg speed
Short Sword 1d6 1d8 3
Long Bow 1d6 1d6 2 Range: S=7 M=14 L=21

Can see 60ft in dark (infrared vision)
30% resistance to Sleep & Charm
1-6 noticing concealed doors
2-6 if actively seeking to find secret doors
3-6 if actively seeking concealed doors

+1 damage/level to giant creatures
surprise opponents 50% of the time
(tracking stats on pg 24, whatever that means)

20 arrows