"poke it till it dies"
User: Rabas
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Rogue/Fighter/Rogue 6/Fighter 1
3ft 32lbs. 23 years old
Dark hair with a five o' clock shadow at all times.
Dark colored eyes with hints of sadness only hidden by spots of a sinister gleam brought on through constant thoughts of killing his next victim.
A dark cloak is always draped of his armor and newly grown wings. The cloak has special snaps that will pop when he goes to spread his wings for flight.
I Grew up in a small what I thought was a farming community. On my wedding day when I was 20 a small band of shadowy figures came to the town. They said they came in peace and wouldn't bother anyone while the wedding was going on. But everyone was on edge around town even the eldest of the town, an old man who everyone went to during festivals and town celebrations to hear the most outrageous tales of what he called past adventures. I never paid much attention to them I always focused more on my work. Being a farmer I tryed to get out of the more difficult work by using my wits instead of my brawn to get the work done. The five shadowy figures reminded me of something though, from a past story I heard from the elder maybe. People like them never lead to anything good, only dead bodies and broken families. That night during the reception the town was roused to the sound of alert bells... never in my 20 years have I heard them used. I didn't know what to do at first so I ran to the elders building first... its door was shattered. I ran inside only to find those shadowy figures standing around the dead body of our eldest who was too sick to join us at the reception and a hidden entrance to something that looked like a cave. This is where my rogue training first started I followed them as quietly as possible. Finally after a long cave path they found a small room in it was a small bundle of what looked like armor and weapons... then a a chain that looked like it was attached to an amulet, fell loosely off one side. It was heirlooms of some great past Hero. Apparently my community was a group of descendants charged with the protection of these heirlooms. After they got what they came for they seen me watching from the entrance. I ran as fast as I could but to no avail, it was like the one who caught me could run at super human speed. Then I seen his face and notice he wasn't even human he was some sort of cat-like human...thing. After catching me he brought me to another one of their group and sat me in front of him. He looked like an ordinary elf but then all of a sudden he focused on my face and my head started to feel like it was getting ripped open and then he said "oooohhh it's the groom... you shouldn't be here spying on people you don't know anything about you know." The one that caught me came back with "we should teach him a lesson. Can we boss?" The "Boss" wasn't the tallest or strongest looking guy but he certainly had a type of air about him that made him just feel important. He looked at me for a good ten seconds that felt like a good hour and said "Kill everyone..." The largest of them, he was a half-orc pulled out a giant axe and licked his lips whispering "fresh meat." The last was a woman and asked "When you say everyone do you mean the wedding?" the leader replied "when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE!" the other four cowered at his yell then ran to the surface. The leader stayed with me and grabbed my hair and told me I wouldn't be harmed in any way but then bound me to the chair with some spell I have never seen since. After about a day the spell finally wore off and I ran straight to the surface.... everything was either broken or burnt down. I finally found my wife be headed and bloody in the middle of the reception grounds. The ring that was given to me by my mother was missing from her hand as well. I spent my next three years trying to track down this band of villains and when I do I will kill them and take back my families heirlooms, my adventures have changed me though. I have become much more ruthless and deadly. Now I have joined a guild to help me gather funds and equipment to further my combat prowess.