Cronos Thunderglade

"Honor for conquest and glory! and respect for the dead who stood in our way!!"
User: Corp
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/6
A twisted slave mark mars the head of the mighty Cronos. He wears it indiferently, it is mark from his past he would rather forget.

Cronos will not speak much of his life before the war, other than a simple tale. He says that he was birthed from the storm father. That the earth split open and spit him out, then welcomed him with a storm of thunder and lightning. Whether this tale is true or not, Cronos’s only proof is a strange birth mark on his right arm. A faint blue bolt of lightning that crackles from the top of his shoulder down to his fist.

Cronos says he will be no mans slave again, and that his gods command him to fight! He bellows on about honor, glory and the perfect death. He claims he will be written into history, and his deeds recorded in a book… somewhere. Maybe a tavern or something.

Forged of hard labor, sweat and blood, Cronos is a creature of simple taste. He prefers a sword in hand, a good drink, and an opponent of formidable strength to fight. His dream is to find a worthy enough opponent to fight, a battle that will be legendary, and will end with victory or a perfect death.

After the war his desires have led him to the arena, where he can earn the glory he seeks.

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