Zanithar,The Sovereign Watcher

"I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings"
User: Mitch
Campaign: Mystara 4E
Race: Unknown, few believe he is human, some believe he is a god, most believe he is a myth.
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Psion/16

"There is to come darkness like none has ever seen.The descent of this darkness shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted lands, with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber."

"My sanity flees as I come to see,
the endless wave of bodies all around me.

Flames ravage the battle field,
my anger now revealed.

There's a darkness in my soul,
I am no longer whole.

Two lovers bound by fate,
pitted against each other through hate.

The war torn sky begins to cry,
and the thunder did roar,
piercing my heart to the core.

The inner light,
diminished by night.

Swallowed by hate,
this is my fate.

To live...
To cry...
To watch others die..."

Who am I? What is my true name? Do I feel that I should tell you? No, I believe that you are not worthy yet. But do not fear for in time if you lessen to my story you will learn who I truly am...

It was once told that I was a Legendary Savior of man...
IT was once told that I was a legendary Murdered of man...

I was known for my Limitless knowledge of history. People believed that I am more intelligent then any humanoid in the old kingdom of Nithia. It was also rumored that I was known to be a powerful engine of destruction, one like none has ever seen, thought to be virtually invincible. The extremely few that dared to face me lived to tell the tale.

My story should begin at this realms dawn of time itself. But sadly not much is know to the ones who live on this realm as to how your world came to be. Between All them times we failed to write our history, between all them time we slay each other in order to declare dominance, and between even the gods themselves wishing ti give us a new start by resetting what was known, we seem to never truly know how this world came to be. But what I do know and remember I shall tell you.

This world of yours was formed by the Source. And as many Mages know, at the dawn of time, a deity known as the Creator forged the universe and the Wheel, which, as it turns, spins all lives. The Wheel has seven spokes, each representing an age, and it rotates under the One Power, which flows from the True Source. Essentially the wheel is composed of pieces, opposition and in unison, this power turns the Wheel. The pieces are known as "Sources" arcane, divine, psi and primal and the users are known as channelers.
Many scholars present the wheel as having a center "axle" of psi or self, surrounded by the opposing forces of arcane and divine or "engine", with primal spirit containing or wrapping the other pieces together. A diagram of a wagon wheel is commonly used for representation.

It is rumored that the immortals are able to draw on more than one of the fragment sources or even all of the sources. It is also rumored that a long dead powerful empire was striving to tap into the True Source directly and affronted the immortals. But we will talk about that another time.

It was the Sources in which this world was formed. Forming the Seas and land, Creating the plaints and animal. Most of the world was coverd in ice and snow. It was a vary cold world at the time. At the start there was not really any intelligent self thinking humanoids just yet. In fact, this 1st self thinking being was really a doppelganger.

Doppelgangers also born of the Sources came from a reflection off of the ice, Born of pure psi and primal power. They had the natural gift of changing shape into any thing they wished. Every thing they would see they would become. At first they would just multiply simply by... how best to describe it... I would say they kind of pulled them selves apart. where there was one there would then become two. They never really took on a humanoid shape at the start.

Not until about 75,000bc would the human race came to be. The humans where not as we would see them tol day. there skin was black. As to where they came from I truly do not know. But somewhere when they Is showed up they where vary Primitive. However the birth of humans helped the evolution of doppelgangers. In fact so many doppelgangers started tuning into this new and strange race and kept using this forum so much that they evolved into a new race know as the changelings.

Sadly this the Changelings have a limited ability to alter their forms. Unlike doppelgangers, changelings have gender in their natural form, and lack full shapechanging ability. In their natural form, changelings stand between five and six feet tall, with pale gray skin, thin, fair hair, and disproportionately long limbs compared to humans. Their facial features are more distinct than those of doppelgangers but less finished than those of humans; they have a hint of nose and lips, and blank white eyes.

As the changelings race Intelligence would grow so would there personality. Changelings are generally prudent and cautious by nature. They enjoy the finer things in life and take pleasure in the comforts of wealth when they can obtain them. They are deceptive and subtle, preferring stealth to direct confrontation. They are soft spoken conversationalists with a gift for drawing out information. Changeling names are monosyllabic and seem more like nicknames to other races. Changelings may go by different names depending on their social circles. They make no distinction between male and female names.

Changelings later became more individual in there way of psychological ways thinking. But more so in three major psychological groups, Passers, Becomers, and Reality seekers. Passers: the most humanlike in their attitudes, passers want to be a part of their community and repress their shapeshifting ability. They use their abilities to fit in with their community and identify closely with the races they portray. They rarely travel. Other changelings call them "actors or "pretenders" and view them with contempt. Becomers: these changelings believe that mutability is the central aspect of changelings, and express this belief by adopting many different identities. They have a dual nature, considering themselves to be both mutable shifters and the transient identities they portray. Reality seekers: These changelings believe in the existence of an ultimate truth, and seek to discover what is real. They prefer their natural form and tend towards lawful alignments. They prefer the company of fellow changelings and generally avoid deception.

Changelings have no homeland; they live among humans in Blackmoor, The 1st powerful kingdom of your world, blending in and living in their shadow. Changelings form the backbone of the criminal underworld in Blackmoor's large cities. Some work as entertainers, inquisitives and government agents. Occasionally they pursue careers as adventurers. Some changeling adventurers are simply not inclined towards crime or stealth, and so traditional changeling careers are closed to them; others may be fleeing a crime, seeking revenge, or seeking spiritual perfection through shape shifting.

Blackmoor was a kingdom that quickly started to grow in this time and started to become an extremely powerful kingdom about the time of the ice age, over 5000 years ago. The kingdom was in the far northeast of the world. At the time the city was formed of Humans and Changelings. the humans believed there where few changelings within the Kingdom, the humans would like that The kingdom was about 97% human and 3% Changelings. However they where wrong in fact it was more like 70% Humans and 30% changelings. Most of the government was changelings and ran the kingdom.

Formerly arctic areas of the Known World, including most of the lands covered in the Gazetteer series, slowly become habitable as the ice recedes from former polar regions. The Fays, Dwarves, Orcs, and others started to arrive on the world as the ice would melt as well as powerful monster like none as ever seen. The new races where not vary much likes among Blackmoor at first and would be discriminated my the people of Blackmoor. This would later not be as bad. However none ever ended up liking the orcs for they where just to different then all the other races.

About 2000 years after the birth of Blackmoor they would become masters of Science, Engineering, and the Sources. They would Great grate and powerful devices that you could not even imagine. It was around this time that I was born into to world. It was also about the time of what was later know to be... The Great Rain of Fire.

You see Several powerful devices of Blackmoor exploded. It is not know as to how this happen. Wither it was an accident or not. But the Damage was almost unbelievable. It shifting the axis of the Known World. Blackmoor becomes the north pole and its civilization disappears. The elven civilization becomes the south pole; the elves are able to migrate to the area called Grunland (which now begins centuries of volcanic upheaval which lead to its being renamed Vulcania). These southern-continent elves, though suffering hardship, are not in immediate danger of extinction and so none are taken to the Hollow World. Survivors of the elven colony near Blackmoor flee to the Broken Lands; they burrow deep into the ground to survive the after-effects of the Great Rain of Fire. These are the ancestors of the Shadow Elves. One of the most dangerous Blackmoor devices is left untouched in the Broken Lands.

To be Continued...
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