"Awaken to this moment"
User: Pat
Campaign: The Dream Lands
Race: human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Mystic/Veteran
Wears layered robes in shades of white, yellow, tan, and brown. Other colors are worn on special occasions. He shaves his head and tries to bathe/swim in the sun, the moon and the sea (or water) once every month. He weighs 160# and carries a shovel.
A Mystic from the Octaria of the Morning, Joshin (“pure heart-mind”) has left the monastic life for a time to fulfill a teaching vow and to learn more about ancient ruins and history through direct investigation. His training has focused on primarily physical and spiritual dimensions but has also provided a background in history and archaeology, enabling him to be a teacher in these subjects. He has come to Holden Grove to investigate the ruins in the area in search of historic knowledge and artifacts.