The Journal of Gerrol

Campaign: The Iron Circle

Whoops. ..
Baronet Gerrol did not like the smell of the room they had forced their way into. It smelled of underground and the faint taint of undead, but it seemed like some unseen power was pointing out that the undead smell was different somehow. The investigation of the room was thorough and they moved on. They found another room with another fountain.

They began bickering about resting when Gerrol realized he had been up for ablout 18 hours and hopped through 3 planes and had 2 major combats. He divided everyone up and he took 3rd watch. When he woke he was informed that the Vrocks were trying to get back in. He let everyone sleep for an hour after he heard a large noise then set the reasonable one to watch Dragos while he checked it out.

Two vrocks had made it in and he called Dragos and the warlock to fight. They discussed strategy but Gerrol was a bit impatient. They were inside so they couldn't fly. "They are just animals
... We just charge them right?"

Zevron looked like he was going to continue the discussion when he sprinted around the corner and charged the vrocks. He got a good hit on one and Dragos wrestled the other in the corner. The rest of the group pounded on the one I faced and it went down. We turned our attention to the 2nd one just in time to see Dragos put the vrock in a headlock, use the wall to jump and pin it to the floor, take time to pose, and then slam it back to the floor.

The vrock struggled to its feet with Dragos still pushing down on it. Zevron sprinted over and slid beneath it dragging his weapon through its belly. Gerrol looked and saw Trin rum in jump and unload about 6 arrows into it and it died.

They returned and let Dragos get some rest and then continued exploring. The next room provided information foud by Aldrick the reasonable. They also found an orb and had a heated discussion about whether to break it. Gerrol thought it was worth the risk and Dragos was against it. Zevron decided the matter when he 'dropped' it. The being inside did not stick around to chat.....whoops.

They continued on and they kept pace to Dragos''I told you sos'. They explored the smelly vrock area and found the doorway to go downstairs.

Down they went into the body prep room. They decided against sending Trin down a smll hole and continued to the crypt.

There was a handwritten note conveniently warning them of the danger ahead. They broke in ready for action and were attacked by..... Worms? Dragos actually fell back instead of charging in. Thw worms were annoying, but no real threat.

Gerrol looked down the passageway wondering what was next.
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Tasty Salad
Baronet Gerrol didn't wasn't even able to enjoy his drink when Zevron got a crazed look in his eyes and nodded to the next room. Gerrol started thinking of a plan and realized that there wasn't really much of one.

"Let's just go kill it!"

Zevron rushed into the room and swung wildly, hacking bushes to pieces. That seemed to trigger the.... beast? It looked like a huge vine that seemed to control the other vegetation in the room. In a blink Drag'os was past him and Trineth(?) was up on top of the wall separating the two rooms.

Baronet Gerrol saw that Drag'os had gone right, so he sensibly went left. He pulled up short and was confused at the thing the was about to fight. It just looked like a huge... vine? He heard something behind him and saw Adlrick the reasonable was behind him. A huge noise happened and the bush exploded on Zevron and Tringnet.

Zevron was acting crazy and charged and was hacking away at plants that weren't actually moving like they were alive. Drag'os was nice enough to shove the plant thing right in front of him. He couldn't see anything, but he heard what sounded like Trinith falling off a wall.

He shouted for Zevron to rally next to him (since he was next to the creature) and tried to hit to no success.

The rest of the combat was kind of a blur. The party began pounding on it, cutting off brambles and vines. He found that he was actually pretty ineffective in the fighting, but the creature was causing some damage and Gerrol was able to keep the spirirts of his companions up when it looked like many of them had been tired and beaten down. His only real physical contribution to the combat came when he was able to identify the main mass of the creature and pull it down off of the wall.

It was pretty beaten up, and it ran away, only to have Drag'os drag its sorry ass back over to Zevron where they finished it.

After the combat ended, the creature seemed to dissolve into a gem stone of some kind. Zevron picked it up and his eyes went slack as he stared at it. Drag'os identified that something was clearly not correct and went to grab it from him. Zevron resisted and Gerrol moved in to help, when suddenly, with a burst of strength Zevron shoved both of them away with a wild fury of strength.

Gerrol stood slowly and with an authoratative voice yelled "Zevron, put that down!" The spell seemed to be a little broken as Gerrol walked slowly toward Zevron and took the gem out of his hands. He immediately tossed it to Drag'os who crushed it with the side of his blade.

Suddenly Zevron.... changed. His color was more normal, and he actually seemed to fill out and grow before his eyes. He explained that a part of himself must have been stuck in the gem. They took a quick rest and he finally introduced himself to the archer, Trin.

They walked down the last passageway and entered into a room with an odd mechanical device in it. Zevron started babbling something about arcane, blah blah blah, and the runes. We looked to Trin and asked if she could knock the gem, which appeared to be the focus, off the pedestal.

Trin sent an arrow loose and it looked to be completely off base, until the 2nd arrow flew, bounced off the wall and forced the initial arrow to trick back into the gem. The gem rolled off the pedestal and everyone heard an unearthly yell.

Zevron and a dancing Drag'os began reviewing the runes in the room while Aldrick had some special mushrooms, and he and Trin shared a drink.

Zevron was satisfied with his review and they went back out of the area and reported everything to Tamel the traveller. He immediately assigned us to find one of his former students.

Gerrol was amused that after he jumped into an odd spherical shaped city and was greeted by a dancing troupe. They got directions to meet the lady and stalked the location until she showed up.

When she showed up, Gerrol gave her the situation and she did not seem to be thrilled to be reminded of Tamel's existence, but she agreed to help out, even though the portal we needed had gone dark, which means it is likely to be a death trap.

Gerrol went out and bought supplies to keep the party alive since he figured his friends would likely want to blow their cash on shiny magic items.

Gerrol wondered about what was waiting for him on the other side of the next portal, but knew he had a mission to accomplish.
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Back into the swing of it
Baronet Gerrol was edging his way through the area with Aldrick the reasonable. He had his reservations because Tamel was not willing to enter the building, even though he was a badass. He followed the instructions and going through each room was like going through a ghost town while on some of the shrooms his region produced.

Baronet Gerrol turned the last corner wondering what he was supposed to do next, when three people appeared to come straight out of the wall, or ceiling... or something. He had his axe out ready to start before he saw the unmistakable face of Zevron. It was haunted and looked like he was about to faint, but it was him. He shouted "Zevron" and forced his way forward. The other two seemed to still be adjusting to showing up here as well as Drag'os and the stranger didn't even question his appearance, or stop him when he pulled out a flask and gave it to Zevron to drink.

Baronet Geroll turned to Drag'os while Zevron was in the process of picking himself off of the floor. He offered Zevron some specially made dwarven brew and started asking them what was going on and how badly did they screw up that he had to come.

The story started to come out, slowly at first. He offered a drink to the third member of the party. Tring? Trine? They didn't have time for a proper introduction. The story came out that behind the door there were three undead type monsters in small cairns, and one larger monster. When they went in the first time they were taken by surprise and most of the party died.

Baronet Gerrol looked at his group to size up his assets. Zevron looked harrowed by his experience and even started vomiting when he started talking about going back into the room. Drag'os looked in fine form, and the new girl had a bow and seemed to know how to use it. With his warlock they should be able to get this taken care of.

Baronet Gerrol outlined their plan and everyone seemed confident. There would be no surprise this time and the plan was pretty simple. He and Zevron would move so that they could occupy the big monster while the archer and warlock pounded it. Drag'os would occupy any of the other guys until we finished off the big guy and then we'd mop up. Before the battle Gerrol brought them all together and went over the plan an gave some words of encouragement and everyone seemed pumped and eager for battle.

They burst into the room and took their places, then Zevron began adjusting the first smaller cairn and they were ready. The first one next to Zevron tried to get out, but it got obliterated by melee weapons, a flurry of arrows, and Gerrol's own personal flaming dart. The first one was downed so fast that Gerrol didn't even really look until the other two moved in to attack Zevron. Their twisted pale flesh rotting, but it was still obvious that in life these were Eladrin and moved with a grace that was difficult to superimpose on their undead bodies.

Gerrol heard the larger cairn shift and knew it was time, he shifted his weight to be ready for the new battle enterant when something struck him hard from behind, where the first dispatched enemy had lain. Suddenly three voices cried out "KILL THEM WITH FIRE OR RADIANT!" Well.... that would have been useful information to have before they started the fight. Gerrol threw a look back to Aldrick and their eyes met, he could handle the housekeeping. He turned his attention back to the large creature. It had risen up from the cairn and it was massive. At least 10 feet tall, and its flesh was also rotting. I tried to strike Zevron, but missed.

Gerrol had been worried about Zevron, but the worry now ceased. Zevron settled into a form that Gerrol had seen over and over again during their adventures. If you didn't know it, it looked like HE had the three creatures surrounded, and not the other way. Each time one of the creatures did anything, Zevron was there, interposing his blade, cutting off flesh, etc... Drag'os had started out slow, but was begginning to cut his way through the smaller zombies.

Gerrol knew it was time and rallied the group to take on the giant and they responded beautifully! Magic rained down and distracted the beast while Zevron chunked huge parts of the beast off. Drag'os was so inspired that he forgot that he was supposed to stick with the lesser zombies, almost got mauled as he jumped into the fray with vengeance. Gerrol twisted his upperbody to deflect a shot from one of the two remaining smaller zombies, or he would have never believed it. At least 7 arrows from the archer exloded from her bow. He would have to 1) Learn her name and 2) not piss her off.

The giant was reeling from the assault, and missed an attack on Zevron. One of the remaining dread knights struck Zevron hard, only to die of some unseen force. Zevron looked shaken up and Gerrol shouted at him, "IS THAT ALL HE'S GOT!" and Zevron laughed and jumped back into the fray. The body of the knight had not even hit the ground when suddenly the cavern was filled with a "CRACK" sound as a tunnel of bright light turned incinerated the body, created a giant crater, and the room seemed to brighten.

The undead creatures made one last pitiful attempt at them, but Zevron, Drag'os and the archer finally felled the giant. Taking advantage of the lull in the action, Gerrol lept the crater and brought his axe down, cutting through bone and armor at the legs and with a final upswing separated the final dread knight's head from his torso screaming "DIE!!!!!"

Gerrol did a quick turn around the room saw all the opponents were defeated. He grabbed a flask and took a hard shot. It was just like old times.

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Loose Ends
Baronet Gerrol was bruised after his workout. He had been training his new squire, Fratan, but he would be leaving tomorrow. Fratan showed martial prowess, but he would never be a true fighter. Fratan was quick and carried himself with authority, so that looked good for his command.

Baronet Gerrol mused over how he obtained his new squire. Fratan was part of the 'payment' that he had to make as part to seal his marriage. Fratan was the product of a swordpoint marriage between the Duke's youngest brother and noble women, both who died years ago leaving the Duke to care for him. He was born nobility, but he was about 20th in line for the Duchy and he was just a mouth to feed and clothe for the Duke.

Baronet Gerrol had been happy to take him on when he was making the arrangements. He needed quality men, and most importantly, he needed an heir until he had a natural one. Baronet Gerrol assumed that he would have a few years to groom him and prep him for command and have him take his role in the countryside while he took over Harken when Baron Stockmer passed or became unable to fulfil his role.

Now he was in a troubling spot. He did not want to take Frotan with him because he obviously was not up to the dangers that lay ahead. He wrote a letter to Ferris. Baronet Gerrol wanted Frotan to be in 'co-command' while he was gone so that he could learn the country side and begin to earn their respect. He hadn't realized how adamant Frotan would be about staying with him.

Baronet Gerrol had went to the duke to get his thoughts, but found that the Duke really didn't seem to care if Frotan lived or died so long as he did it elsewhere. Baronet Gerrol put his foot down and informed his squire that this is what he wanted. He would learn under Sir Gorgan and Sir Gorgan (a non-noble at birth) could learn the rules of etiquette from him.

Baronet Gerrol watched Gorgan, Frotan, and Baron Stockmer's group head back toward Harkenwold and his eyes turned towards the road that would take him to the Feywild. He was leaving later that afternoon and soon his new journey would be told.
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A story to be told
Baronet Gerrol was riding south and getting impatient. He had one more stop to make before heading to the Feywild. Tamel the Traveler had informed him that time moved differently and gave me the time they would be returning to this plane, but Baron Stockmer had insisted attending and he could no longer ride and was being brought in a carriage. A trip that would have taken a week and a half had stretched over two weeks.

Baronet Gerrol could see the keep, Brightstone Keep was the seat for the Barony of Therund. The population density was much greater than the Nentir Vale and the capital city had almost twice as many people as all of Harkenwold. They arrived at the keep and were informed that the rituals would be the following day. Baronet Gerrol enjoyed a dinner with his host and went to bed early.

The next day was just as tedious as he thought it would be. The Barony of Therund had many marriage rituals. They occurred in the temples, the keep, and even included a wrestling match where the intended had to prove himself by defeating any male relative that felt he was not worthy. Of course, in recent generations, it was more other suitors paying male relatives. Gerrol found himself in a spirited match with the heir of Therund. After the final feast was completed, he was allowed to spend the night with his betrothed in the same bedroom and her attendant.

They stepped out on the balcony, just out of earshot of attendant.

Isbeil: "God I’m glad that is over!"
Gerrol: *laughing* "You said it, not me."

Baronet Gerrol took out a flask and offered it to her. She snatched it like a drowning man reaching for a rope and chugged half of it before he could say anything. She set the flask down and started coughing and laughing. He grabbed the flask and took a swig.

“Careful, that is the good stuff.”

She raised her eyes and looked at him. “You are really doing this?”

Gerrol looked at her a little uncomfortably, “I have to do this. My friends, and much more is on the line. Your father knows the danger of the Iron Circle, and if we can’t put them down they could sweep through the whole area.”

She looked up at him and nodded. “The Therunds have an ancient tradition.” She nodded and her attendant came forward bearing an ornately covered box. The carvings we adorned with the historical seal of her house. “This tradition goes to back before the barony existed. When a man is to be brought into the family, they are given a weapon to signify that it is their responsibility to defend their wife with their life.”

She slowly opened the box, and within it was a finely crafted battle axe. Engraved along the shaft had text that Gerrol could barely make out. The leather grip covered a fully steel handle, and in ornate leatherwork had his sigil on one side, and the Baron of Therund on the other.

She looked at him, “Traditionally it is given as a wedding present to the groom, but….” Her voice trailed away. She recovered and said “I will marry you. I will not go back to being dangled at every 3rd rate noble. I chose you because you are ambitious and you are not going to die a Baron.”

Baronet Gerrol was dumbfounded, and possibly for the first time was speechless. He reached out and took the axe. The balance was perfect. He looked at her. “Don’t worry, I will come back. Our story is yet to be told.”
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