The Journal of Gerrol

Campaign: The Iron Circle

Making Friends
Baronet Gerrol, Zevron, and Aldrick crept slowly around the tower. They left Tryn and Drag'os behind to watch for an escape attempt and most importantly to get a quick rest. They would be following them in shortly after getting some well deserved rest.

Zevron motioned for them to join them and to peer into a hole in the servant quarter's wall. There was a dead man and a bunch of weird magical beetles. What was it with magic bugs?

They bypassed it and came up to a broken portion of a wall. Zevron peered intentently and described the odd looking creature that he saw. It was the size of a large humanoid, but it had some odd features, including a pig nose?

Zevron tossed a rock to see if there were more creatures. After a while the same creature came out and investigated. They circled the other way and Zevron repeated the process. This time a smaller creature came out. Zevron dove and rolled quietly and panted quickly. Fortunately the creature did not see him.

They came across a portion of the tower that was unkept and they worked together to remove mortar and a brick to see inside; unfortunately, they were overzealous and the brick fell. They retreated, and the large creature came to investigate.

After some quick whispers, Aldrick decided that they should talk to it. While normally Gerrol's purview, he shrugged his shoudlers. The worst thing is that they would have surprise if anything happened.

Aldrick strode out and the creature immediately grabbed for his weapons. Aldrick schrunched up his nose and emitted a sound that was half pig snort and half sheep caught in a fence on Friday night in the Citadel of the Iron Grasp. The creature stopped abruptly and surprisgingly instead of attacking Aldrick, it started laughing.

The following minutes were pretty entertaining as they befriended each other and the creature offered some slop to Aldrick.... Baronet Gerrol willed him to accept (while glad he didn't have to do it himself). Aldrick refused at first, but thought better of it when he went for the weapon. Fortunately he did not vomit and ruin it. They jabbered for a few more minutes and then the creature tried to convince Aldrick to come with him.

Aldrick thought at that time it would be reasonable to disengage. the creature was confused, but made some noises and went back inside. Aldrick came back to the Gerrol and Zevron. They were talking softly when the creature came back... with 2 friends!

Aldrick introduced Gerrol with the same.... joke? Gerrol could not understand what they were saying, so he began to concentrate on nonverbal communications. He altered his voice slightly so that it matched the tone and timbre of their voices so they would be more comfortable. He mimicked their own body pose/stance (even though they were fairly grotesque). After getting on their goodside, he held out a flask, took a drink and offered it to one of the little ones, who appeared more wary. The creature sniffed it... took a drink and 15 seconds later was on the ground. Holy crap! Can't hold his liquor. He pulled out another flask and pointed it to the other one. Once again he took a big drink. He made placating tones saying... look how much fun that was!

Warily, the 2nd one took a flask and the same thing happened. That was weird, but not too bad. Piggy motioned that he wanted to move the little creatures. Gerrol picked it up, and noticed that the creature was not breathing. Without letting it show he kept up the banter with the other creature.

Inside the tower was a ruin. Two levels of garbage and rubble. They laid their burdens down and Piggy really seemed to like him. He motioned for him to follow him. Gerrol, stopped, backed out and called Zevron. When he entered, he used the same greeting. Piggy was less enthused, but then Gerrol followed his instructions.

Gerrol stepped on a square covered in bug feces when suddently piggy grabbed jumped and grabbed him dropping him 20 feet. Aldrick and Zevron jumped down. Piggy kept holding him like he was trying to help him, but it was obvious that he wanted the beetles to do something to him. He managed to convince piggy not to attack him, but they worked hard to kill the bugs (Aldrick tripped an alarm, and we are sure nothing bad would happen from that).

They finally killed all of the bugs and Gerrol tried to convey to Piggy that he was in charge, but his simple mind just couldn't handle the strain and he passed. Sighing, Gerrol cleaned some bug goop off of him and they pressed on.

They bypassed a cavern that looked like there was some aqua creature and went into the large cavern with jello men. They didn't seem to be reacting to their presence. They moved forward to do some scouting and came across someone who immediately ran way.

They peeked into the next room and they saw Festuad chained next to a giant creature! They were so caught up in it that they barely saw the ooozes moving in behind them. They moved quickly to keep from being surrounded. As they moved they found the person who was controlling the constructs and Zevron/Aldrick charged them leaving Gerrol to be surrounded by 3 ooze creatures.

Gerrol saw Zevron get crushed with some killer shots and he hoped that Tryn and Drag'os would appear shortly....

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To Sleep or Not to Sleep.... That is the Question
One step. Then another. Then another. Baronet Gerrol glanced ahead and Tryn was scouting. Step. Step. Step….. They were on a larger pathway now and making pretty good time. Tryn came back and pointed out a spot where there were a bunch of looted and broken wagons. They stopped and watched more closely and they heard/saw what appeared to be some type of undead creatures.
Baronet Gerrol did some quick math in his head, he knew he was behind in the chase, and he decided that it would be the best to just bypass this. They went back into the woods and as they bypassed the site they saw that there was a fresh body being gnawed on by the undead creatures. They looked long enough to confirm it wasn’t who they were looking for. They came out the other side and then they saw…. The tower.
They moved more slowly and identified that they had obviously gone too slowly and wouldn’t catch them. He had Tryn scout ahead and find a way to approach the tower without being seen. She came back and said that they could skirt around the hills and approach through the woods in the back. There was only a small unwooded area and they could get in. The question was… do they go now, or take a break. Baronet Gerrol’s mind was clearer now as they got close to the objective, but should they go on? If they waited they could leave again, or get reinforcements, or even just kill him.
What should they do……
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Chase Encounter #3
Baronet Gerrol wearily stepped into the clearing after Tryn. He was tired. He tried to remember the last time he slept, but couldn’t. The all night ride along with the 10 hour chase was catching up to him. His eyes scanned the area quickly, a small pool, more heavily wooded area and a small house.
The tracks they had been following led to the house. They advanced and a woman stepped out. Gerrol was not thinking very clearly, but it seemed like something was off with her. They exchanged pleasantries. All he wanted to do was to get information and move on. The lady babbled something about a tower, but the tracks led inside her house. Gerrol looked around the group and Zevron and Drag’os seemed to be holding up better than he was. He noticed that the lady seemed to be casting furitive looks at Tryn.
“Come inside…” Gerrol sighed… “Fine.”
They went inside and Drag’os started acting weirdly immediately. He asked to go into the next room. The woman looked nervous but let him.
Drag’os yelled “Nothing in here” and Gerrol turned to start small talking when the lady exploded into a bunch of bugs. He certainly wasn’t expecting that. He tried to rally the group, but everyone seemed to be too tired to do anything. It took Tryn a whole five seconds before she did anything, but when she did….. SHOCKING! Drag’os returned to the room and reminded everyone else that they had fought one of these creatures before. Tryn pulled a great move by creating an electric arc with a lighting arrow.
They spent the next minute or so stomping bugs and trying to knock her around. The bugs were everywhere. A spectral presence appeared beside him and attempted to attack Zevron. Gerrol tried to get him to switch teams, but knew it was a losing effort. They had the beetle lady on the run when she blew up again…. Baronet Gerrol coughed and sputtered “God damn it… I had my mouth open!” They went back to pounding on her.
The ghost moved on to attack Aldrick (who had managed to get on top of a table). The beetle lady ran away so Baronet Gerrol ran through the wall of the shack to follow her. He heard the group finishing off the spirit when a choker jumped and attacked Drag’os. This just seemed to tick him off, as he unleashed ability after ability to stop these critters.
They slowly grinded down the choker and the beetle lady ran again. Drag’os used some strange portal and followed her. Gerrol could not see her, but could hear Drag’os and ran over and was almost crushed by swing. “She’s OVER HERE.” The rest of the group piled on and she fell.
Baronet Gerrol wiped his brow when her heard “I’M SORRY I’M LATE!!!” and in ran a giant humanoid. He rolled his eyes and jumped back into the fray. The magical portal moved his team into a perfect position and what was that… Drag’os was balancing on top of him? What a surprise. The creature realized it was out of its league and it ran.
Baronet Gerrol disrobed and began cleaning off. Took some sips of water to get the taste out of his mouth. The battle was only about 5 minutes, but it felt as if it had gone on for four hours.
They rested up and he encouraged the group for their performance. Zevron wanted to give a proper burial for the man who committed suicide. Baronet Gerrol would have allowed it until they found the bevy of bodies under the floor of the house and the female locks of hair. He gave a quick look at Drag’os to see noticed the similarity, but there was nothing. With a sigh, he recommended burning the hut and saying a prayer for the victims.
He was so tired…. But he rounded to group up and they took off, always chasing.
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The Chase (Double XP Biach Edition)
Baronet Gerrol grimaced as a drop of sweat dropped onto his parchment. He had set up a table quickly after meeting up with a patrol from Ferund. He was quickly penning two letters to Ferris Fleetfinger. The first one had been completed, and was a practical guide and a warning that the kidnapping may be a distraction from the Iron Circle in order to infiltrate the wedding. He ordered his men to be vigilant and to start paying for information from innkeepers and brewmasters for unusual activity.
Baronet Gerrol’s 2nd letter was a more explosive document. He was sick and tired of playing defense against the Iron Circle. He was requesting Ferris Fleetfinger to hire a bard and request a set of stories that would imitate the Iron Circle’s tactics of releasing monsters and then providing protection. Then he wanted that teacher to teach the song to more bards and spread the tale throughout the Iron Circle. With any luck, the newly acquired regions would be able to identify with the singers and would seethe in rebellion.
Baronet Gerrol also requested Ferris Fleetfinger to use the party of adventurers and send them to the closest Iron Circle province and attempt to discover if there is a resistance group. If so, they are to find out what assistance they need.
The scrolls were complete and Baronet Gerrol rode back and got to the camp just in time for a quick re-cap (Drag’os killed something? Who knew?). Trin found the trail and they were on a chase. They seemed to be making good time until Trin fell off a log and they got attacked by an Owlbear. It tried to drag Drag’os off, but in the end the group stomped it pretty hard. After a five minute break for trophy taking (he shook his head as the owlbear did not appear to have any feathers left) they headed out again.
Baronet Gerrol knew he wasn’t the only person having a hard time keeping the hard pace they were setting, but he stiffened when Trin stopped suddenly and gave a warning. He looked around and noticed two heads unusually close to one another a ways up the way. He began hearing the two heads arguing with each other. The group hid, and he tried to catch everyone by eye. There was no need to fight here. Trin threw a rock and the Ettin took the bait, everyone turned and ran…. Unfortunately it seemed perfectly reasonable for Aldrick to get caught up in a bush. Then he didn’t try to hide or move as the Ettin rounded the corner. Baronet Gerrol grunted and slowly moved back towards the clearing and could see Aldrick being manhandled and talking about a tasty owlbear. The Ettin began walking with him and out of the corner of his eye he saw Zevron appear out of a bush and take the Ettin to the ground. After that it was a pile-on with Drag’os managing to dance on the Ettin’s head. Another 5 minutes lost with trophy taking and they headed on again.
Baronet Gerrol had gotten his second wind when they came across the body. He was a little pissed that the wire got the revenge that should have been his, but they didn’t waste too much time on it. Once the body had been looted the chase continued. A personal fire burned in him that he had not had in a long time. Baronet Gerrol had felt good building his area and thwarting the Iron Circle’s plans. Now they had gone and made things personal. He would have been content with stopping the influence of the Iron Circle, but now….. now he intended to see the leadership killed and the nation broken.
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Epic × 2!
Flavor Text
They were forming up after Zevron and Dragos finished looting the shrine to Ioun. They entered into what appeared to be a perfectly normal crypt. Baronet Gerrol strained his ears... was that laughter he heard as he took in the full experience of the ordinary looking crypt? The moment passed and he determined only that this room had been more destroyed than others.

They had an interesting discussion about torches / lanterns and decided to go into the next room to look for more. Instead they found a room dedicated to urns that had also been ransacked. They found the halfling sized chute and figured it linked to the preparation chamber. They found a secret door in the corner and found what appears to be a hidden room (probably where Ulieth went when Baelord was looking for him).

Dragos looked in the copper container and tried to stealthily put an orb into his bag. Apparently he was not trusting after the last mishap upstairs. They continued searching the room and determined that the corpse was that of Baelord and they found a book and a handout, that Aldrick the Reasonable insisted on calling 'Handout #2' when asked he merely muttered something about his 'unseen master.'

Rather than go upstairs, we decided to explore the secret tunnel. They found another door where Zevron opened with a key. They crowded around and Gerrol felt a little insecure as Zevron and Dragos stared and measured the long, rough shaft. They peered over the edge when it appeared that Dragos slipped, but before he could fall he was wrapped by a large tentacle. Gerrol watched in horror as the orb started falling out of the bag as Dragos was held upside down, but arrows rained down and the tentacle released Dragos. Gerrol noticed that the tentacle had actually grabbed Zevron, but he... shimmered? and re-appeared unharmed.

Gerrol heard the thumping of Dragos hitting the ground below, but the rest of the group responded to his call to attack. Zevron sliced two of the tentacles, more arrows flew, and Aldrick backed out of range. Then tentacle boy grabbed Zevron again and took him down the hole.

Gerrol and Tryn were at the lip of the deep shaft when he peered down and saw a huge monster. Dragos and Zevron were fighting it from below. He nodded to Tryn "If this doesn't go well, tell Isbeil I love her!" Gerrol jumped down the chasm with his shield ahead of him. He hit the Roper with a THUD and began to slide off. He braced himself by using his ax to catch on the Roper's body. The the ax bit deep and slowed his descent as it cut through bone and muscle. He flexed his knees and took the last 10 feet of the drop fairly easily. HOLY SHIT... he was still alive.

The rest of the fight went pretty easy as Aldrick the Reasonable earned his 'shrooms by completely immobilizing the opponent for about 12 seconds, which is more than enough for their group to pummel anything.

After the fight Gerrol announced loudly "You'd better make sure that the orb didn't break," which by some miracle had not broken.

They quickly examined the tunnel and realized that it was a natural cave instead of an unnatural chasm like the others.

Aldrick the Reasonable suddenly said 'My unseen master says that we are getting colder.' Everyone else in the party nodded as if they understood what the hell that met. Gerrol felt an overwhelming urge to go back and examine the upstairs of Baelord's chamber, and they did.

After reviewing 'Handout #3' they determined that the creatures that were released were not only dangerous, but if you died by their hand you came back to life to torment others. Baelord had been mortally wounded and managed to put himself in the orb to make sure that he would not succumb.

They found Baelord and the tome of rituals. They had really fucked up this dungeon by releasing Uthieth. What should they do now?
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