The Journal of Gerrol

Campaign: The Iron Circle

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The Pits
Sweat ran down Thump Thump's face. He looked out across the fighting pit and saw a pompous human decked out in armor that could pay for a missionary trip by itself. He looked down to his old and dented armor. It fit poorly, but he had taken it off of a dead body while he was working as a mercenary earlier that year. He grunted as he put on his new gorget. That was the way of the fighting pits. People wagered their lives and possessions for the entertainment of the crowds. Most fights were not to the death, just until the judges ruled the battle was over and the crowds were appeased.

It still rankled him that he had to wager his entire suit of armor for just a piece of his opponents, his greaves. Slowly but surely he'd take enough pieces off of young fools and he'd have a complete set.

Thump Thump put his visor down and said a silent prayer to Kord to not let him down this time. He sprinted to the middle of the ring and the battle was joined......
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Hangover Recap Part 1
Gerrol woke up and his mouth tasted like ash and…. Was he spooning Zevron? He shook his head clear and he noticed that everyone else in the group appeared to be groggy and waking up. Gerrol starting putting himself back together and noticed that everyone else appeared to be just as bedraggled as he was and his head was pounding. Just as he was noticing that this was not the building he started the night in, Flint said he smelled smoke and they rushed outside to see a burned out shack and another one on fire with a… boat on top? Gerrol quickly issued orders and they set up a fire brigade line of what had to be the most pathetic group of people he’d ever seen.
After the fire was put out they began talking and no one seemed to remember much of what happened after they started the night. They examined the boat and Gerrol noticed… was that one of his socks? Sure enough…. He pulled off his boot and put the sock on. They realized that Gal was missing and oh yeah… where did Zevron get that baby from? They found a plate with a familiar inn on it so they got into the carriage and headed that way.
To Gerrol’s surprise they were greeted almost as heroes and astonishment when they came back. Gerrol quickly ordered some heavy food to try to offset the hangover that was bulging between his temples. One of the serving girls came over and said… “Jade was worried about her little one, but it is a good thing she was just with her father.” Gerrol stopped with his fork halfway to his mouth and noticed on his good hand there was a wedding band. “Oh, and you left this before you took Jade to the backroom…” she handed him a sheathe for his dagger. Gerrol’s mind raced… he really only had two things he couldn’t do on his bachelor night… get married and lose his nephew in law…. Gerrol sighed and plowed through his food gathering information about what had happened and got information about where he got married.
On his way to the temple, they heard a banging sound from the carriage, they pulled over quietly and they were discussing on what to do when Gerrol just walked over and opened the compartment. A naked guy jumped out and started demanding that he owed him 900 plat. Gerrol just wanted him to go away and tried to negotiate with the guy to a reasonable price, but he ended up running down the street naked. Gerrol went to shut the compartment and realized he had a loincloth in his belt… What a strange night.
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Granite Moon
The wind was whipping through Gerrol's hair as they rode through the town. Flint and Gal were spooning in the backseat... OK so they weren't spooning, but they were both completely gone and were like giggling girls, espeically if anyone mentioned 'pack.'

Zevron and Aldrick the Reasonable were availing themselves with the women that had come with us. Apparently having unlimited funds is EXTREMELY attractive. Jade's hand was resting lightly on his thigh (hey, he could be more attractive too right?).

They had worn out their welcome in the district and decided to go for a ride, only now he didn't know what to do. Suddenly Gal stated that he had to throw up, and he had to do it now. Gerrol pulled over in time. They looked at where they stopped and they were really close to the mage tower. It was fenced off, but they got over it quickly. They didn't have a plan, but they tried to be sneaky (hahahahahaha).

Gal got to the base of the tower and decided he had to climb it. Flint gave him a boost and the whole party started cheering for him. Gal got to the top and shouted I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!!! Which everyone thought was funny, since you could see the palace from anywhere in the city.

We shouted for him to come down and Gal laughed and started mooning us and told us to come get him. Gerrol tried to climb, but his hand wasn't really up to it and Zevron appeared to have retreated back to the carriage with two of the ladies in the entourage......

Finally Aldrick started climbing and he got halfway up when the doors shattered open from the mage tower. Apparently it took a while to wake them. Aldrick was startled and fell to the ground. We grabbed him and started pulling him away. Gal didn't realize what had happened so he turned, puked from the top of the tower and began waving his ass in the air. We got to the perimeter when we saw Gal turn to stone.

Gerrol muttered.. Shit.... They got Aldrick into the cart and headed to the apothocary. Jade nuzzled his neck as he was driving and said.... "Have you decided?" Her hands moved lower... "I know a guy...."

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A Monk and his Gold is Soon Parted

Gerrol looked at the man dumbfounded. Looked down to the Duke's chit, and then back to the man.

"Wha...." The man interrupted him. "Young man... I have seen this before. You have obviously earned the duke's favor, but he is NOT going to pay for an expensive ring. Tomorrow when I go to get paid, he will be furious, yell at you and make you return the ring. I don't get paid, and I waste my time. So NO."

Gerrol shook his head to clear it and looked over at Jade. Her light dark skin glistened in the night and her body promised to be just as dirty as her mouth. Unfortunately, she refused to do anything with the rest of her body unless she was married. How do you get married without a ring?

Gerrol looked around. 800 gp was a small amount, but no one in the party had money on them. They left their treasure to be guarded by Tryn. Something floated through his brain that he should reexamine that decision in the morning.... FOCUS! He looked over and saw that annoying man again. He was well muscled, and showed it off by only wearing a loincloth. He had been playing and winning gambling games all night and had been LOUDLY proclaiming how frustrated he was that our group was getting better treatment, and belittled us and called us all idiots.

Gerrol stood up. Well, he tried to stand up, but got it on the 2nd time. He strode over to the man and bellowed "It is time to settle this!"

The monk looked at him and made a move to defend himself. "No, no... Not like that." Gerrol laughed, and the room laughed with him.

"Why don't we settle our feud with a challenge. If I win, you leave and go somewhere else. If you win, I will move on. And I'll even make it a challenge of wits to give you an advantage."

The monk nodded slowly. "Ok... here is how we begin." He walked out of the tavern to the duke's carriage and opened the trunk. "Follow my instructions. Get in the trunk." The man complied. "Hand me your loincloth" The man complied and asked "When does the challenge start?" Gerrol slammed the trunk closed and locked it.

"IT IS OVER!!!!!" Everyone started laughing and Gerrol grabbed the gold. "LET'S BUY A RING!!!!"

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Making Inroads
They were returning to camp. Baronet Gerrol took a position in the front of the group for once. His stomach turned slightly at the thought of Drag'os wearing a zombie around like a suit was horrifying. He resolutely decided that he was not going to ponder the.... wrongness..... of the prior encounter.

As he reached town, he took a moment for his armor to reset into a fine outfit and took some time to wipe down his face and hands to make himself presentable. He spoke quickly with his guide and was told that Taleen Quirrelle of the White Lantern Consortium wanted to speak with him. He was glad that he had taken the time to clean up.

Baronet Gerrol looked around the group and saw that having everyone go would possibly be a mistake, so he motioned for Zevron and Tryn to come with him. He asked the dwarfs to move on and clean up. They advanced on a fine looking Eladrin woman. Was that his imagination, or did Zevron just give her the elevator eyes? Well that is interesting...

Taleen Quirrelle began speaking to Zevron. Baronet Gerrol smiled as Zevron tried to go out of his way to be chivalrous, only to see it ruined by having a dwarf in a zombie suit break in and stick his hand out to shake her hand.

It took some manuevering, but they eventually got a wall of bodies between the dwarf and Taleen. What could have been a moment was abandoned and it was down to business. Taleen started talking about the Tiefling blood and Zevron turned it over to Gerrol. Gerrol introduced himself and was mildly surprised when she recognized the name.

They began the negotiation and it went fairly well. They came to an agreement that they would give the location and could purchase it at 50% of the price. In addition, he would be able to open this area to his trade, starting with water. One of the dwarfs noticed that she seemed to be happy to give up that duty.

After some more small talk, she indicated that this whole thing would work better if he joined the White Lantern Consortium and she asked what his plans were for the Tiefling Blood. Gerrol was still playing it close to the vest so he said it would be tied to him joining the Consortium, and she said that she wanted in no matter what. He agreed to the deal for 50% of the profits and the Tiefling blood would not be free for his enterprise.

Baronet Gerrol invited her to come to his wedding to discuss the Consortium in more detail. She indicated that she was interested, but had business to discuss.

Afterwards the one of the dwarfs confronted him (and was making comments during the negotiation) that it was a bad deal. He tried to patiently explain that this transaction was about opening a market without bloodshed. Additionally, the actual retrieval of the tiefling blood would required adventurers with at least as much skill as the group he had together, something that Gerrol didn't have on his payroll with his need to be elsewhere. That also shifted the risk of death/dismemberment onto Taleen's group and all he had to do was collect the Tiefling blood (now for free) and sell it.

All in all it was a good deal. He closed his eyes and thought about joining the White Lantern Consortium. He would have to do some research and make sure that they understood his situation with the Iron Circle. Still though.... with his noble rank he would be a key asset for the consortium and it could be a big step in expanding.
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