"Drink and be Merry"
User: dorshe1
Campaign: The Iron Circle
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warlord/5
Gerrol is a young half-elf with a medium build. His piercing blue eyes seem almost at odds with his slightly angled face. Gerrol moves with a fluid grace that only someone with three or four shots of vodka can simulate. Gerrol always wears a glove on his right hand.
Gerrol - Lvl 4 Half-elf Warlord

Gerrol squinted his eyes against the smoke in common room as he drank his spiced wine. He looked around and saw the typical joviality one would expect from a place of this type. Slightly plump serving women bounded about handing out mugs of ale and grog and the fat bushy faced bartender laughed loudly as he served his guests.

Gerrol once again looked down and flexed his scarred hand. The pain rippled across his hand and up to his shoulder. It hadn’t always been like this. It was cliché, but he had never met his father. Some barbarian from the wilds had overrun a small village and his half-elf mother had not been lucky. Of course, that was the story he heard, his mother had been killed when he was five.

Gerrol took another long drink from his wine. He had always known how to convince others to do what he had wanted, even at a young age. He remembered mediating school yard fights. Of course, after he broke Jinson’s arm when he was 9, no one really wanted to see him fight. He smiled as he could still hear the snapping of his arm vividly in his mind.

Gerrol began coughing. Why did he join the military? It was supposed to be easy money. Some caravan duty and maybe great battles! Unfortunately, he had made the biggest mistake a new recruit in the army could. He showed ability and intelligence. He was immediately transferred to the officer corps.

Gerrol laughed out loud. He thought being an officer was where it was at; unfortunately, he soon found out that he didn’t get to have near as much fun AND there was more responsibility. He did well in his classes and understood tactics well; however his gift was getting the most out of his men. He also ran a very tight outfit and was able to persuade his officers to do just about anything he wanted.

Curse King Llian…. Everyone knows that the blighted areas cannot be tamed! His blasted wall project was the source of all his misery. The capital city was protected for 2 days ride, the biggest such buffer in the known world, but it wasn’t good enough for Llian the butcher…

Gerrol shuddered. He wasn’t the only one who ran. Why did the butcher want a wall to that small village. Of course the iron ore was important, but at what cost? His entire platoon had been wiped out in the fight. He remembered pulling the Sgt….. What was left of him. After that battle he had resigned his commission (which would be official after 5 years of militia duty, which could only be called in an emergency). Unfortunately, all he was good at was killing. So he was in this tavern… waiting…..

  • Combat Healer (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Garden of Graves (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Baelards Legacy (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • LazyLord (Abandoned) Plus Spacer
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