The Journal of Gralamin Strifelaugher

Campaign: Defenders of the Vale: Tipping the Scales of War

Journal of Gralamin Strifelaugher Part II
After returning from the weapon crafters without getting any new information, I headed out to speak to the priests of the Raven Queen. I needed to meet my obligations to the winter fae, and I wanted to place some boundaries on how I met them, and I knew that the best case would be with the Raven Queen. After some discussion, I left promising to return in the morning.

I then went to the meeting where the dwarves talked about the defense of the valley, and they then asked for volunteers for a mission to warn a local monastery of the approaching orc army. Those that I was travelling with seem less than eager to volunteer, but I helped them to volunteer for the job. It was then that we noticed the stuck up group that got upset when we said we would warn the monastery, but they were already tasked with going to the Vents and guarding them, so there was a need for another group.

After the meeting I returned to speak with the priest and he sent me to get an object blessed from the other Raven Queen's temple. After that I returned to the group and we set off on our trip to the Monastery of the Shattered Chain and the ultra-conservative dwarves that resided there. The trip was supposed to take us about a day.

The trip was slow going for the most part, and along the way we got ambushed by a group of wights. These wights would move forward to attack us and if they hit they would disengage after the attacks. Most of us took some damage as they drained our life and hit us. After the second exchange of combat, we started getting the upper hand, defeating them soundly, and continued on to our destination.

When we arrived at our destination we saw that there were fires in the courtyard of the temple with smoke rising to the sky. Knowing this to be a bad sign, we approached cautiously, peering inside the gates, we saw that orcs occupied the temple and were cooking less than savory items in the fires. We quickly charged in and attacked. The orcs were quickly disposed of, and after scouting outside the central building, we moved our wagon into the compound and then foolishly we headed to the main doors of the monastery without resting up.
Session: Monastery of the Sundered Chain - Sunday, Apr 03 2011 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Journal of Gralamin Strifelaugher Part 1
It started with me as a young halfling scouting a less than a mile down the path my clan would be traveling the next morning, when a being of ice grabbed me and took me away from my kin.

I spent many years trapped in the Feywild a slave to malicious spirits of winter and ice. I slowly grew to adult hood, learning much about their cruelty, until I was finally offered the chance to make a pact. To serve a winter queen and be her instrument in the mortal world in exchange for the ability to see my family. Even knowing that this was some sort of trick for the fae are cruel and deceitful, I accepted as was granted the power to be her knight, and to return to the mortal world.

The joke, as I suspected, was on me, and when I arrived back in the mortal world, it was in a unfamiliar location. I was quickly ordered out of the forest I arrived in by some unfriendly elves, and then while trying to get my bearings, I stumbled across a path of destruction left by several humanoids. As I followed the path I came across a group of humanoids charging in to attack a dragonborn, eladrin, half-elf, and two humans. Since it was only four attacking five, I was not in any hurry to help the travelers.

One of the humans, an archer, launched a devastating attack on two of the raiders with his bow, then the raiders and the rest of the group moved into melee range and started attacking each other. The other human, a wizard cast a spell that did not seem very affective. Two of the orcs moved in on the half-elf, who I learned was a cleric, and started attacking him. At this point I decided to move in and provide some assistance, since the melee was turning into a stalemate. I proceeded forward and unleashed a blast of eldritch energy easily taking out one of the raiders. I continued forward summoning the symbol of my servitude to the winter fae, and skewered the one attacking the priest feeling the power of the cold energy surging through me. After that the fight was mopped up pretty quickly with the archer and the wizard finishing the last of them off.

I then found out that this was an adventuring group from a town called Brindol that call themselves "Defender's of the Vale". It sounds a bit pretentious to me, but if it helps them market themselves for better paying jobs, so be it. I also found out that they were heading to one of the larger cities in the area off to the west called Overlook. I went with them, the old safety in numbers thing, especially with orcs in the area.

When we arrived at Overlook, it was a pretty impressive city with high walls, and a slum out side the east entrance. It was here that I truly learned how pretentious the wizard in the group is. We also passed by an old tower outside the walls, that I am curious about, but the one person asked about it did not have much to say.

Once inside the city proper, we got cleaned up and presented ourselves to the high muckety muck for a job, apparently there is an orc army on the other side of the mountains getting ready to attack, and they were summoning assistance to defend the pass. We were told that there would be a meeting the next day to go over what every was to do, and to come back them. So we left for the evening and we got another example of how proud the wizard is, with his choice of the most expensive in in town for us to stay in.

While waiting for the meeting the group went to the metalworking district to see if they could find out who was making the weapons that they had been finding on a group of hobgoblins that they had previously been fighting with, and also made the weapons that the orcs were using. So far we have had no such luck on that front.
Session: Heroes of Brindol! - Sunday, Mar 20 2011 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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