The Journal of Drag'os

Campaign: The Iron Circle

A Beautiful (Awesomeâ„¢) Miss!
Drag’os felt the strength returning to his arms and legs after sustaining two blasts of cold from the juvenile white dragon. Acting purely on instinct and without conscious thought, he left the ground swinging at the partially exposed neck of the creature with all of his might. Arcing gracefully through the air, his sword a complement to his aerial display, Drag’os executed a beautiful miss. The momentum of the swing jarred his necklace loose and just as the dragon reached for him with its maw full of razors his necklace slipped into its mouth and lodged itself in the dragon’s throat. The expression in the dragon’s eyes suddenly changed as they opened in horror. The polar bear-sized creature’s immediate panic was clear as it stretched its neck in an attempt to dislodge the obstruction from its throat. In this moment, Drag’os’ target was ripe for the strike - to finish this dragon once and for all. The dwarf’s momentum allowed him to continue through his mid-air pirouette and strike hard a second time at the dragon’s now fully exposed neck. This time Drag’os didn’t miss.
Session: Session 205: Cold Iron - Saturday, May 21 2011 from 4:15 AM to 7:15 AM
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