"Bring it!", "Rise", "If I'm posing, soon you'll be poo'n" "Always to the left"
User: Greg
Campaign: The Iron Circle
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Battlemind/25
As an adult, Drag'os is taller (5 foot 6 inches) than most dwarves and a bit slimmer (only 142 lbs) - so he could pass for a small human if required. He has dark brown hair with dark orange streaks, which he keeps braided and reaches halfway down his back. He keeps his beard short and trimmed. Only the keenest eyes would notice a tattoo on his chin that is mostly obscured by his beard. His eyes are hazel and his skin is a light bronze. He also has tattoos that are partially visible on his forehead, though he has allowed his hair to grow over and cover them. The tattoos appear as scales, following his hairline down to his temples on either side of his head, winding around the back of his neck and down the backs of each arm to the elbow.

Drag'os isn't afraid to speak his mind when he feels it necessary. He never allows anyone to know him too well, but is friendly and does smile. He keeps to himself and doesn't know anyone in his current adventuring group very well, so his reason for being there is his own - for now. He rarely drinks alcohol, because he feels that he must remain sharp. He does not appear greedy, though he is certainly on the lookout for something - but hasn't given any clues as to what that is, if any of the other characters are paying notice. Recently Drag'os has developed a fetish for trophies - taking bits of flesh and bone from fallen enemies. He hasn't given much thought to why he feels a compulsion to collect these items, but knows that someday they will be useful. He is partial to the color purple and has a small cloth pouch that his parents gave to him that came from Atilli Burlyfingers.
Drag'os Burlyfingers comes from a modest mining clan who are fiercely loyal to each other. His older brother, Thelerium, dissolved a lucrative ore sale to a human blacksmith who insisted on mispronouncing his sisters name and then became belligerent when he was corrected for a second time. His father, Dagelok Burlyfingers, is a blacksmith and an expert miner and his mother, Isdalara Stonehelm, is a jewel crafter of some renown in the region. Drag'os was the fourth child born to his parents, he has two older brothers and an older sister; Thelerium Burlyfingers is the eldest followed by Atilaarik Burlyfingers, his sister Einas Burlyfingers is the third born. All are involved in the family business - mining, blacksmithing or jewel crafting. Drag'os' name comes from his uncle on his mothers side, Drag'osin Stonehelm, who disappeared exactly two years before his birth.

On one of the many trips into the mines with his father on a dig, he became lost and came in contact with a single mind flayer. He narrowly escaped this encounter when he was somehow able to deflect the creatures effort to subdue him and was eventually able to rejoin his fathers group. After returning home he found that he was plagued with headaches for several days after-which he began to discover his psionic abilities. From then on he began to hone his instincts to learn to control and perfect these newfound abilities, in time believing that this was one of the gifts that his uncle had bestowed on him.

Shortly before he turned 19, he decided to become a bounty hunter by profession, rather than becoming a miner as was expected by the rest of his family. Since choosing to set out on his own he has always been diligent in his missions and on several occasions, when confronted by his mark, he has enthusiastically shouted at them to “Bring it!” Tenacious, even for a dwarf, he is motivated by his past, as he grew up constantly having to defend himself because of the differences in his appearance from the other dwarves. Because of this he also had to learn to anticipate the actions of others.

Drag'os first quest on his life path as a bounty hunter was participating in a recovery mission with a group sent into the Underdark after the magical war hammer, named Thunder Horn, which was stolen from the armory of King Dragonhammer. The war hammer disappeared during the night with the thief leaving a wax seal with the imprint of a palm leaf on it. This gem-encrusted weapon was forged by Drag'os great-great-great grandfather, on his fathers side - Atilli Burlyfingers - as a wedding present to his new son-in-law, Berghal Dragonhammer. The marriage unified Clan Burlyfingers with Clan Dragonhammer of Citadel Ghandlmar and facilitated a move by Clan Burlyfingers away from the small farming/mining community of Dardnul, which they called home for several generations prior. Citadel Ghandlmar, where Drag'os was born, became the new family home and was much richer with minerals a dream come true to the mining clan. The citadel is located on the northern slopes of the Titan Peaks within the Great Glacier. He was able to recover the war hammer and then announce the difficult decision to leave his family and set out on his own adventures. Until then, he had only confided his feelings to his mother. He realized that because of both the lucrative nature of bounty hunting as well as the excitement of the capture, which is what he enjoys most, he made the right choice.
Third son of clan Burlyfingers.

Granted title "Defender of Harkenwold"

"The Crimson Marauder"

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