"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
User: Kevin
Campaign: Banalt
Race: Gray Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/1
Manwë always was a bit on the quite side, speaking rarely and usually awkwardly when he did, although he has been told that he is easy to get along with. He would rather stand off to the side of a fight, helping when needed, then to jump into the middle of it. Having been given to the care of a small band of druids he became one of them, adopting their love and protection of nature. Occasionally this love would even override his sidelines manor.
Manwë was the elder born of two half brothers living under the sole care of their mother in the far northwest town of Orisa located in the Eldir Vale. Their mother tried to provide her sons with as best a life as she could using the meager silver and copper she was able to collect. However as time wore on it came to the point where she had to decide between starvation of her whole family, or giving her two young sons so that they might have a chance at better lives. Though it saddened her, she knew what was best for her sons.

Manwë was given to a smaller band of druids whose home was located in the Kokiri Forest just north of Orisa. Their clan only was able to accept one into their numbers at that time, so Manwë and his younger half brother were separated that day. Manwë never knew what became of his mother, and it was many years later before he learned what became of his half brother.
STR: 10 (Open Door: 1-2 BB/LG: 2%)
INT: 10 (Lang: +2)
WIS: 17 (Magical Attack: +3 Spell Bonus: +2 lvl one, +2 lvl two. +1 lvl three)
DEX: 17 (R/A: +2 AC: -3)
CON: 11 (SS: 80% RS: 85%
CHR: 16 (M#H: 8 L: +20% R: +25%)

HP: 8 (1d8), (1d8 per lvl)
AC: 4 (Leather+Shield, & -3 dex bonus)
Patron deity: Silvanus
Alignment: True Neutral

Known languages:
True Neutral

Saving Throws:
Paralysis/Poison: 10
Petrify/Polymorph: 13
Rod,Staff,Wand: 14
Breath: 16
Spells: 15

Other Skills:
90% resistant to sleep and charm spells
Infravision - 60'
Notice concealed doors 1/6 passing, 3/6 if searching, and can find secret doors 2/6 if searching
If alone (or w/ other elves or halflings) w/o metal armor surprise a monster 4/6 or 2/6 with a door
Fire and lighting attacks +2 on saving throws