"YOU try living on the same level as me - trust me, the world STINKS."
User: Joey
Campaign: Banalt
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Thief/1
Str: 10
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 16
Chr: 12

HP: 8

Standing 3'4" tall, he is a head shorter than Ragni and twice as slender. Customarily wrapped in a dark grey stone cloak and hood when in town, he has swapped it out for matching dark mud brown attire. Underneath all of the brown (cloak, leather armor, etc.) is a surprisingly versatile leather belt and baldric containing multiple pouches and storage loops. Most surprising is Chance's preference for anything blue - when out of his armor (rare) he sports a fetching blue vest and shorts with multiple pockets. On extremely rare occasions, Chance will pull out a blue speckled clay pipe and prop his boots up, looking like a very effeminate shaved dwarf.
On the few occasions the party has sat around a campfire relaxing and after Chance has smoked a bit, he'll sometimes start humming a very raunchy tavern ditty. If ever asked, he launches into a chuckling, bumbling story of a job against a silk merchant. The antics and mistakes he and his partner - a human female named Natalia - make are numerous and comical. Apparently he has learned not to try and imitate a bard, though he describes Natalia's dancing as quite fetching. At the end of the story, which involves a rope stretched out a window, a bad knot and a tumble into some poison oak, Chance pulls out a black stone Queen chess piece and broods.
Two hatchets are tucked and sheathed on outside thigh holsters, and two more crisscross on the back so the heads rest at the small of the back. Along the left waist are tucked six darts - the right side has a hardened leather hook that coiled and tied rope usually hangs off of. He has a dull grey "belt buckle" - really a specially designed grappling claw a friend of his made for him out of iron spikes. Speaking of which, there are four looped and secured spikes along the bottom of the baldric leading to two pouches across his chest. The first pouch holds his coin (he keeps a large amount in a cloth waist band worn under everything else) and the second his lockpicking tools behind an extra back - the front hold his utensils. At the top of the baldric lies a sheathed and secured dagger, handle pointing down for easy crossdraw. Along the back lies a sheath that Chance uses to hold two torches instead of a sword. The pitch and cloth balls are protected from the elements in the sheath. The rest of his items (candles, spare torches, spare hatchet, spare darts, torches, scroll case(bone), iron box, oil skins, homemade wicks and fuses, additional spikes, bedroll, pipe, tabac bag, pewter stein and rations are kept in a bulky leather backpack that is usually quickly shed during battles or scouting.