The Journal of Ragni BattleCharger

Campaign: Banalt

Revenge of the BattleCharger Pt. 1
Day 1: I have heard tales of goblinoids attacking a caravan, so I decided to investigate. I have arrived in Thistledown where a merchant is hiring protection for the journey north. I have signed on to the group and we leave on the morrow. The group, quite the rag tag party, is mostly composed elves (blast!), half elves and humans. Luckily there is a gnome amongst the group, who based on his name, hates goblins almost as much as I do! A halfling will be with us as well. I was glad to see him among the group, but he seems quite loud and I wonder if he might be a hindrance...

Hopefully I will be able to take at least a small amount of revenge for what was done to my clan...

Day 2: We set out with Chance (the loud halfling, apparently he is supposed to be sneaky...) scouting ahead. I rode in the first wagon with one of the half elves (at least it wasn't a full blooded one!). As we approached the bridge Chance came back and reported activity on the bridge. After we stopped the wagons, I heard a noise I hadn't heard since I was back home in the mountains: Shriekers! While Chance was investigating, he found some hobgoblins and lured them back to us to slaughter! Next thing I know Chance is taunting the things on the bridge which happened to be goblins. They retreated under the bridge and one of the half-elves, Drathus, went to see what they were up to. The treacherous fiends had gone for reinforcement, who blasted Drathus with crossbow bolts and dropped him. Chance and I rushed them and gave cover to the monk and cleric, who were able to stabilize and heal Drathus. The foul creatures soon fell to our might! How I hate those blasted creatures! Once the battle was over, the caravan began to cross the bridge (what a poor excuse for masonry!). While waiting for the carts to cross, I took watch and Chance went scouting. Just before the last cart crossed the bridge, I heard a large group of orcs in the distance, but no one else heard them... Well, the druid said he heard them, but who trusts an elf anyway... While Chance was scouting he discovered some tracks. We plan on returning in the morning, after we finish escorting the wagons. When we arrived at the town, we found the innkeeper to be most foul. It was all I could do not to slaughter the tavern!! But that was probably my bloodlust from the battles earlier still flowing through my blood... We ended up making camp just outside the village instead of giving gold (she wanted 15 gold for a room! Extortion!) to that old wench.

Day 3: Last night did not go well. While I was on watch with the human cleric (she seems ok, for a human) we were ambushed by hobgoblins! Stupid cretins! We were able to take them down, but not without a fight... many of the party were injured. Luckily we have many healers among us.

At first light we broke camp and headed to the bridge to follow the tracks Chance found the day before. They led to a dilapidated old farm house that was being used by hobgoblins to store the loot from the previous caravans. The place was swarming with goblins and hobgoblins! What a find! A marvelous battle ensued! The goblin burner was true to his name! (well, he tried anyway...) The building didn't quite light, which was for the best, since I much preferred to meet them in close quarter battle, there was quite a bit of treasure inside and they had captives. We slew the largest hobgoblin I have ever seen! He stood 7 feet tall! I feel the burden of revenge for the clan lessening on my soul... I am glad I chose to go with this party. Not only are we destroying the evil blight that is my clans sworn enemy, we were able to clear a trade route and rescue some prisoners. Now, we just need to get these men back to civilization...
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