"All roads inevitably lead to the same end, but it is my right to choose which of those roads I wish to travel."
User: Briar
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Druid/2
Cassandra stands to be a little over five feet tall with a slender, yet somewhat muscular stature. Her elven ears hide behind a waist-length waterfall of dark brown hair and from behind the two shorter pieces in front, her vibrant blue eyes more commonly than not appear distant and otherworldly. She has a more rounded face despite being an elf and her skin tone is relatively paled from lack of exposure to sunlight.

Her attire, which has changed considerably since she left her homeland, is still somewhat reminiscent of her druidic nature. She typically sports lengthy coats or hefty cloaks of leather saddled with large fur spaulders on her shoulders and simple hide garments beneath. Her boots and gloves, also of leather material, have fur cuffs and linings. Woven through her hair are small beaded strings, which, at the ends, have feathers attached to them. Lastly, all of her coats have a large, oversized hood, which she almost constantly keeps up, drawing a shadow over her face. The color scheme of her outfits change periodically. She seems to favor three different sets: one that embodies the autumn colors of orange and yellow, one that embodies the winter's white and grays; and finally, a shadowy guise of black, white, and silver.

Her ever-vigilant companion, King Silvermane, is a fairly muscular wolf whom is a slight bit bigger than his more normal counterparts with sleek silver-gray fur. His name comes from a patch of longer, lighter gray fur situated on his shoulders and the top of his head, giving the impression of a mane. The only discolorations of his fur are on his left front leg and tip of his tail, which are jet black, along with a strange line of black that shoots over his muzzle and breaking where his jaws begin. Despite her failure to protect her forest, it seems that the good king has taken a deeper liking to her and his loyalty knows no bounds.
Myths and legends abound of the vampiress, Cassandra, the Blood Countess of Nevermore. In a world torn between black and white, she is the Gray Vagabond whom roams the lines and blurs realities. To some, she is a heroine, peacekeeper, and guide. To others, she is the embodiment of chaos, dark portents, and ill omen. A true mystery, an anomaly that belongs neither here nor there, yet appears to be everywhere and to know everything, even what has not yet come to be. Who is she? What purpose does she serve? What are her intentions? These are but a few questions that philosophers have posed over the eons, yet no answers have never arisen. But perhaps more mysterious is the question of her origins. Could she have truly been the first-born of her dark-blooded kind? Is she truly from our world or did she somehow find a way to traverse from another multiverse? At long last, these questions, at least in part, have finally been answered...