"Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee."
User: Argyle
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/3
Slightly shorter than average, but very strongly built.

Ogrik habitually wears clothing associated with traders, and a very wide-brimmed cloth hat.
I am Ogrik Humankin, of Clan Stonebones, and I came into this world as a result of my clan's desire to gain the gold of the humans.

My clan saw the human traders growing rich, passing through our lands. Other clans tried to kill the traders, and take their gold. But this only resulted in the Humans tracking down and killing those clans that had attacked them.

My clan's elders were wiser. They said "If WE were the traders, then WE would have the gold." So they sent forth my mother, to trade with the Humans, choosing her because they had heard that the Humans were foolish enough to believe that females were less dangerous.

Yet still, the Humans rejected her, and drove her out of their cities.

When the elders learned of her time in the cities, they said "You did not understand the Humans, and were too different for them to accept. We need one who is of the clan, yet more like the Humans, and who understands them."

So the clan captured a passing Human, and "Encouraged" him to mate with my mother. Soon my mother was with child, and I was born.

The elders debated long on what my name should be. Some wanted me named Elrik, after my father, in the fashion of the Humans. Others wanted to name me Og, after Og the Unbreakable, Great Hero of Orcs.

Because they wished to trade among Orcs as well as Humans, and Elrik was too weak-sounding of a name to be respected in other clans, eventually they decided that Ogrik should be my name, reflecting the dual nature of myself.

I was raised to know and honor the clan. To follow my duty, and obey my elders. My father taught me the Human's speech, and a little of his ways, before he died from some Human disease which we Orcs had no name for while I was still young.

Traders do not tend to wear arms openly, but proper Orc upbringing demands learning to fight. Also, if a trader did not need guards, then that would mean more gold for him, and hence, his clan. So they trained me extensively in unarmed combat.

Eventually, I was deemed old enough to go to the city, and learn the ways of Humans and their Traders.