"I'm the best at what i do, and what i do is the best!"
User: John
Race: Genasi
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Plaugeguard/bounty hunter/6
he is a farely typical stormsoul genasi. 5'10" 175 lb. eyes are almost the completely storm gray but have a backlight kind of warmth. the elemental shards from his head are short wich is why he often has a hood hanging over. his ruins on the body are almost invisable and in bright light of the sun they seem mearly as intricate scares, but at night when useing powers they glow even through his clothes. he wares light armor for keeping up his mobility and speed, plus to aid in his sword play. his sword is a bastard sword with which he looks to be slightly unperportioned with it, that is until he begains to dance the blade with his magic and martial abilities.
he is quick to fight and late to run. he likes a challenge and loves to fight, even if he is defending others. he hates bullies, so watch out.
his lizard wich goes everywhere with him is named Kevros and mostly just keeps him company on the open road, but does prove worth in swampy areas and places of flooding do to the rain season upon un that never seems to stop.
Keothi is easy to get along with and easy to perswade, with right amount of coin he'll do anything, no job to big and none to small.
I was born into a farely weathly family. we are iron miners by trade, and good at it too. we at one point in time owned more then 10 mines to our name alone. bussiness was thriving and good. but i needed more from life. i felt caged and forced to live this way. naturaly i saved up and aquired some traveling gear and left. i soon understood what drove me to leave. i had skills for the world to enjoy and fear. as i begain honing my abbillities as soon needed work to provide for myself, the family cut me off for leaving. the only work really at the time with now exprience in anything was the paid on completion and return kind. so with i more or less was a criminal. but that was my younger days, as i got older my reputation started to proceed me. i was now considered for the higher more useful things. political asassinations, artifact retrievel or theft, and the often escourt bodygaurd. i was used to track down other criminals to bring them to justice or to just kill them, it didn't matter to me. i was making quite a bit of coin for myself. some of my notable jobs would ne things like, stopping the pirate raids on spice throughout most of the sword coast, that is hard to do alone but i managed, i just took out the leaders of the boats until i had enough info to take down the intellegence behind them, others would be tracking down the waterdeeps mayers daughter who was "kidnapped", not really she was just running away but i was called so her little friend died at the mayers request and she was brought home without physical harm, can't say much about her mental state though.i have also touched parts of the seven part staff, now that one i was unable to do myself for the employer was worried i would sell to the highest bidder, i collected 2 pieces for him, he seemed capable enough himself but must be lazy. for practice and to keep my skillz up i uselly always take out the number 2 hunter just to make sure that i get called on first.i also have spent many hours in libraries and wizards towers to study language.i know just about all languages, and can speak and write them too.

i have been traveling around my home region for a few days now and it seems that thier is bandits taking iron from caravans and doing something to the iron left behind, what i don't know. i find it odd that my family has not sent word of this to me, for they surely would know that i would help, for the right price of course. to further investigate this i am going home. as i arrived, mined you it has been about 20 years, i found that it was not the same. my family now only controlled 2 mines and could barely make ends meet do to the robberies. i understand that some have gone missing with the result of some raids and others died from fighting with rival miners before all the mining companies formed a treaty. the states that now miners can assume controller from another company without the company being gifted. so i guess through some clever trading my grandfather was able to save these two and store some goods. i can only imagine what it would be like had i not left. but that doesn't matter now i must help and the only person i can trust i hope has not forgotten me,Modnar. we grew up kinda and hung out alot. i'm not to clear on his family's bussiness but none the less he has saved my ass many a time. from bar fights to being caught pickpockecting, he was there to help me get away. so if i can find him and he has not forgotten the ways then i shall ask for his help in stopping the iron bandits.....
Now that keothi has returned from the depths of yuan-ti hell with an internal alteration, he seeks to destroy every and all yuan-ti and the like.... starting now.....