"~Fearless on my breath...~"
User: ~*Nichole*~
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorceress/9
Dressed in elegant, royal gowns, her hair cascades in golden-silver past her shoulders, generally in gentle curls. Her features are angelic in nature, piercing blue eyes, pouting rose lips and of course, the pure white wings extending from her back. She folds them neatly to her in a crowded area, but doesn't hesitate to unfurl them as a way of expression.
All her life, the princess was confined to a life in the monastery. On the night her father was murdered, her protected and pampered life was destroyed, the guarded knights slain. Magic stopped for a heartbeat, and from the amulet she'd always worn sprang forth Rikassan, a storm dragon and the last of his kind. Gathering races as her allies, Gabrielle heads for the Imperial City to claim her crown, and unite the lands against the undead agents of the North. The last of the angelic bloodline, she is their only link to the afterlife...and their salvation.