"When your travel with the rabble I do, it's important to hit harder than anyone else."
User: Matt
Campaign: Kalamar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warlord/1
Lean and muscular. Around 6 feet in height and coordinated dress in the modern style. A dirty brown fuzzy head of hair growing back from previously being shaved. A pair of brown caterpillar like eyebrows resting softly above two deep set brown eyes. An angular nose and thin lips. A deep voice which carries sweetly to the ears so he may always be heard even during the chaos of battle.
Corbec was not always living the life which would place him as a leader in a troubled world. In fact, he was only recently rigorously preparing for a scholarly life among the great stacks of books within one of the great academies. Unfortunately, Corbec's natural ease with the ladies and even, as the legend goes, with the head mistress of the academy itself, created a continuous source of trouble which impacted his studies. After an evening of carousing with the a daughter of a constable, Corbec found himself witness to a man possessed with uncontrolled and powerful magicks. This man claimed to be from an unwritten future where a new kind of war had presented itself to the lands of Kalimar. The man claimed the changes which will bring about this desolate future are under way and will start with the deaths of all those at the academy. Before the man simply faded from existence, he told Corbec all was not without hope as the future can surely be changed. With the last bits of his fading energies, the man whispered a riddle to help Corbec "A plan of five with two alive will see the last dawn if the stones are not cast upon a salty shore."

Shortly there after, Corbec returned to see all of the women he had slept with at the academy had been murdered with distinct black daggers with a circular hilt through their chests.

Fleeing from the academy, Corbec sought out a new life doing what he does best leading others braver than he into the gaping maws of death only to emerge alive where the others he has traveled with lay slain.