"The Past is entombed in the Present!"
User: jake
Race: Dane-Irish-Ojibwe
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Psychic
6'1" 180lbs with shoulder length red hair pulled back. Wears reading glasses, and obviously shops at thrift stores. Carries an Irish cudgel, and in bad weather wears a fedora and raincoat.
Frederic “Fred” Thacker
Born in the U.P. of Michigan in 1970 (Things that happened on Fred's Bday in History), we moved to Joliet, IL in the fall after my sister turned 7. Pops became a cop there and things were pretty good until the next year when my gifts began to awaken. It was then that mom began to get lost in her gifts and started to accuse pops of all kinds of indiscretions. Whenever he tried to explain she must be picking up on what happened to him at work she would get violent. If it hadn’t been for pops being a cop welfare would have taken Mags and me far earlier than that rainy March night in 1980 when mom wrestled pops gun from him an put two rounds in his chest. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois(where Fred grew up) could have been worse, that where I met Miss Marigold—one of the female volunteers who worked there and a clerk at a small curio shop. She helped me thru much. .. in time she would be my first love.
Being surrounded by so much that had absorbed the sadness and despair of so many children, I often doubted my sanity. At Marigold’s advise, I sought out my G.E.D. and in 1986 got myself free of the place an looked for work. I bumped around Illinois and Indiana until 1990, settling into a job working as a janitor at U of IL Urbana-Champaign. There I met Dr. Alan Smith, a spiritualist who was on campus giving a lecture series on “spiritual gifts”. Dr. Smith has been an influence ever since, being the one who encouraged me to work my way through college and hone my abilities so that unlike my mother I would not be lost in the images my touch brings to my mind’s eye.
It took more than just a janitorial job to pay for books and tuition in the beginning—odd jobs and night classes helped me trudge on. The first published paper I wrote in 1991 during Christmas break while squatting on campus in a boiler room to stay warm. It was published in 1992. Three years after that I had finished my BA and was barely accepted into a masters program. Five years later I made my Masters of Ancient Studies in Philosophy, which led to a second work on psychometry “Object reading and the real world”. Although a purely academic piece it did allow me some need cash and with Dr. Smith’s assistance I was able to get a few interviews for some studying abroad readying me for my doctoral thesis. Being an archivist for a temple dig was a quiet way to use my gifts and helped our Rosicrucian patron immensely once one activated during catalogue. That last bit wound up going better than I ever could have imagined. I was able to write my dissertation, which sparked a few paper in the interim, and was awarded my doctorate from I.U. Bloomington in Ancient Folklore late in 2005. I have been free-lancing my skills ever since.
I am now in New York to see my mentor Dr. Alan Smith, a professor at Columbia. Its been a few years since we spent time together, and I miss him. I have arranged a small book signing and plan to stay for a few weeks, so we can catch up. There is a spiritualist camp upstate I will be heading to from there, to work on my next paper-- if I don’t hear back from the Met.—they have a private collector who has asked them to authenticate a few items.
I travel by car, bike, or walk whenever possible; however, private planes aren’t too bad. Diners can be a mixed blessing depending on the time of day, and it is a guilty pleasure to make it to one of our many national and state parks. I enjoy watching children and animals innocently at play and keep an eye out for the omens of aberrant behavior.

Specialties include investigation of artifacts & psychic phenomena

Flaws: forgetful

Allies: Spiritualists

Mentor: Dr Alan Smith, PhD in Comparative Religion @ Columbia in NYC

Special abilities or knowledge: Psychometry (object reading)& Aura Sight

Languages: Greek, Hebrew & Latin--teaching self Norse FUTHARK.