User: Andrea
Campaign: Shattered Empire
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: warlord/1
Morgan is a bartender by birth. Yes, birth. The pub The Chimera's Fang has been owned by her half-elf family for generations. She cut her teeth serving ale and hearing stories of the sword that hangs on the wall above the bar - from which the establishment gets its name, said to have been wielded by her human ancestor - and took over running the pub at the age of 20. She sympathized with the idea of the rebellion but remained officially neutral during the conflict, serving ale and food to anyone who could pay and didn't start throwing things when he was deep in his cups.

Recently she found her common room filled with patrons of the latter type and, without thinking, reached for the sword behind the bar and waded into the fray. She was shocked to find herself eager to meet each new opponent, the sword both feeding and feeding on her battle heat. That combined with the fact that the sword was still sharp after years of not being maintained led her to turn the pub over to her sister Lyra and head over to the magic registration office.