Kuonu Minostoron

User: BrooX
Campaign: Rookie Year
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Warden
A large bulking minotaur. His interactions with the outside world are minimal, at best. He is quiet mostly, observant of his surroundings. Loyal to the one who saved his life, Rothko, and searching for his lost clan.
Kidnapped as a child by a gang of goblin raiders from his family, he was forced to work in their mines for far more years than he cares to remember. On the fateful day of Rothko's leading of a raid on the goblin mines, Kuono saw his chance for freedom. Goring the warden that had saw to his enslavement for years awakened a bloodthirst within that both frightened and thrilled the young bullman. As he was near his escape, Rothko killed a goblin marauder attempting to kill Kuono. Kuono, knowing little of the outside world, swore to follow and protect Rothko as repayment for saving his life.
Kuono has followed Rothko to Winterhaven as his sworn protector. Having learned through Rothko that the branding on his side is actually a crest of his family's clan, and not his goblin captors, he is searching the town for information.