Kaizer, of Clan Sky Fury

"I wish I could say this was the strangest thing that's happened to me... today..."
User: Chris
Race: Kengu
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/1
The word "battered" comes to mind. Light blue scale mail, once meticulously polished, now burned in splotches with a yellowish-black hue. A dark Green cloak; so dark as to be almost black, hangs tattered along the edges, it's hood down. He looks tired, as much as a raven head can give the impression of being tired. Patches of his black feathers have been burned off, the skin underneath pink and raw looking. Leaning heavily on his glaive, the only thing that seems to be in good repair, you might notice him eying you cautiously. Almost as if he's trying to decide if you really exist or not. A travel worn looking backpack lies slumped at his feet, oddly distended from a rapid packing. With a resigned sigh, he picks it up and slings it over his shoulder.

"We've rested long enough, it's time to start moving again before we lose what little time we've gained."
The Sky Fury clan was one of the newer and smaller of the clans, but his uncle had made them one of the strongest when he slew a shadow dragon and presented it as a gift to the then Chieftain's daughter Croaxia. The Chieftain, Yigier of clan Razor Claw, had no sons, and all of his brothers were slain... by his hand. Growing old, and knowing he could no longer best the younger members of the tribe, he gave Kaizer's uncle his daughter and the mantle of Chieftain.

As the Chieftain's nephew, things were looking good. Set up from an early age to be a leader, Kaizer trained with the tribal guard in all manner of weapons. One day he might have been a captain. Perhaps he would have been in charge of a splinter tribe, or even challenged the Chieftain for right of leadership. But life has a way of changing in ways you don't expect. In ways you don't want. His uncle passed away. Apparently, he fell while on a hunt. On his sword. Through his back. Croaxia immediately declared a period of mourning and that she would be maintaining control of the tribe... in clan Razor Claw's name. This didn't set well with Kaizer's father, who called foul play and gathered supporters. Most of them came from his own clan, and together they marched on clan Razor Claw to demand an investigation by a neutral third party. They went unarmed, to show they didn't want bloodshed, only justice.

They found the heads the next day. Their bodies had been burned, to deny any burial rights. Croaxia announced that she had put down an attempted coup d'etat, and that the rebel clan was to be exiled. Only an accident of fate had Kaizer out on a field exercise when news of his uncle's death reached him. Everything was over before he returned. Guards met him at the border, turning him away with one warning: To return to the forest is to die. His clan's land and possessions were seized, leaving him with only that which he took along on his training exercise. He had nothing else, save the shock of suddenly losing everything... and a cold desire for revenge.
Kaizer is a practical character. He thinks in a straight line, he moves in a straight line, he fights in a straight line. It's his greatest strength, and most easily exploited weakness. It makes him reliable while at the same time making him predictable. Some characters will see a castle, and sneak through the window of the farthest tower to drop off a letter to the king. Kaizer? He's walking through the front door. Not because he's an idiot, he sees the far tower window too. But it's faster to just charge in and announce that you have an important missive. Consequences? Armed guards? That's what armor and the superior reach and power of his glaive are for.

Str: 16
Con: 14
Dex: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Chr: 10

HP: 21/29
HS: 8/11 (7hp)
Ac: 19 (10+7arm+2dex)
Speed: 5 (6-1armor)
Action Points: 2

Fort: 14
Will: 12
Reflex: 12

Atheletics: 7
Endurance: 7
Streetwise: 5

At Will: Cleave, Sure Strike
Encounter: Spinning Sweep
Daily: Comeback Strike

Weapon Focus (polearm)
Combat Challenge
Combat Superiority
Two Handed Weapon Specialty
Low Light Vision
Mimic Sound


Rations (10 days)
50 ft hemp rope
Sunrod x2
Waterskin x2
Torch x4
Soul Fire Censor (?)
Quiver: arrowsx20 (strapped to side)
Longbow (strapped to side)

Belt pouch 1
gold x10

Belt Pouch 2

Twilight Medallion (?)


Scale Mail (medium armor, mdb+3, AC+7, speed-1)

Glaive 2d4 (+2acc, reach)
Longbow 1d10 (+2acc, range 20/40)