"You'll never see it coming"
User: Karl
Campaign: Points of Light
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/14
Aged 21 years, 4 feet tall, 78 pounds.
Rayrond, aged 21, twin brother of Kalrond, was born in the small halfling village of Aquilinia. He was raised by free-spirited mother Endora Baggers who told the boys growing up that their father was a half-elf named Neyrond who claimed to be descended from the legendary Elrond of yore. She had a brief tryst with Neyrond when he was passing through Aquilinia during the Midsummer Festival, hence the names.
Although the brothers grew up in very modest circumstances, their mother managed to eak out a living as a seamstress, cook and maid at various times, with the boys helping out the small family as soon as they could walk by running errands in the town and tending to the small garden and chickens her mother would use to cook and sell meals at the village market each week.
A favourite hangout for the Rayrond and Kalrond growing up was the local blacksmith's shop, run by a retired adventurer and sometimes "friend" of their mother's known only as Grinder who took a liking to the boys and became their father figure. He would regale the boys for hours with stories of his adventures as a young man. This captured the boys imagination, and so whatever spare time the boys could call their own was spent at the Blacksmith's, who after enduring much begging and pleading reluctantly decided to teach them to use every sort of weapon suited to their small stature, including shirikins, daggers, hand crossbows, slings, and even short swords. This they excelled at, and the boys made a pact to become adventurers like the old blacksmith as soon as they became of age.
The day after their 21st birthday, fully equipped with weapons and adventurer's pack provided by their "uncle" as a gift, Rayrond and Kalrond were ready to leave Aquilinia, and amid tearful farewells with their mother, were ready to set foot on the road leaving town. However, Rayrond was delayed on his departure by one last errand given to him by his mother, who had always considered him her favourite. Always the dutiful son, and not as impulsive as Kalrond who could not endure waiting any longer, the normally inseparable pair promised to meet up at Winterhaven where they planned to begin their new life as the adventurers as they had always dreamed to become. Alas, it was not to be as Kalrond could not wait for his brother to arrive and was killed by Kobols on his first quest from Winterhaven.
Rayrond took a vow to the Raven Queen to avenge the death of his brother against every creature of evil, and most particularly Kobols. He is a dreamer and a romantic, a risk taker and a true adventurer, cynical and given to mistrust for one so young, long ago giving up boyish idealism and naivete because of the harsh realities of his upbringing. Cunning and resourceful, he left his mother with a promise to return to Aquilinia soon with riches great enough that she will no longer have to sew, cook and clean for the landed gentry in her old age to make ends meet.