"For you my Lady Ash, I give the world."
User: Corp
Race: Dark Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Assassin/2
None are too familiar with this man who calls himself “Grim”. It’s said that he’d slit his own mother’s throat for only a few silver. He never stays in one place for too long, and where he travels death is never far behind.

This man is a wanderer with no home. He walks between worlds, touching both but never ending in one. Shadows beckon to his call like lost children, and hide him from the world in their comforting embrace. Beneath a silver face plate blood red eyes shine through, seeing a simple world painted in black and white.

Death is a necessity, done with as little emotion as possible. His blade has found many over his lifetime, and will continue to find more.

To stay the knife of a killer. To bleed emotions into the nothingness and breathe life into death. To topple the foundations of routine, and give purpose to a tortured soul.

The Beginning

Rius Lo’Vak was birthed in the under cites of an unnamed mountain. His family “Lo’Vakis” sold him to the house of knifes when he only a child. The Lovakian stronghold had reached its maximum population limit, and began an in house “cleansing”. The strong would rule, the weak would die, and everyone else was sold or killed.

The house of Knifes moved Rius to a small farming community on the outskirts of the Eldor province. This land was owned by a local assassin’s guild known as the “Blades of Sin”. They worked directly for the house of knifes, and were considered by other similar guilds to be the most brutal in their training methods.

The Blades of Sin were Rius’s new family. They reared him in the manner an assassins guild would. His training was tortures, and only the strongest would survive. By the end of his tutelage he had murdered more than half his house brothers. This was the way of the guild, they pitted the recruits against each other to weed out the weak, and kill the conscious of its members. By the end of their brainwashing the assassins were empty merciless killing instruments.

Rius moved up quickly in their ranks and began taking jobs for the guild. He killed with no remorse, no emotion. It was a simple view of black and white, life or death. He was the reaper for hire, if you needed someone dead all you needed was the proper coin.

Life was a meaningless routine of numb killing, until he accepted a job that would change him forever.

His target was a Noble man named Alden Fairthought. He was a powerful and influential man, who had apparently angered the wrong people. The price on his head was worth the risk associated with this job. They wanted an expendable assassin, someone who was good enough to get the job done, but would likely not survive the task. Rius accepted the job without a second thought.

To stay the knife of a killer

He was standing in the bed chamber of Alden Fairthought watching him breathe slowly. Getting past the guards had been easy, the only difficulty had been the stairs. He watched his rhythmic breathing for several minutes while he slowly approached the bed. When he felt the time was right he called the shadows, stepping in and out of reality gathering them like an approaching storm.

Movement catches his eyes, as the door to the bedchamber flies open. Lady Ashlyn, wife of Alden walks into the room. She doesn’t seem to know what’s happening at first. Then reality sets in as she realizes the gravity of the situation. She runs to her husband’s side, who is now awake. She pleads for his life with all the sincerity in her heart. Tears filling her eyes, as she offers her life in place of his.

Never had this happened before. Rius felt something… remorse, lust, love, anger, a maelstrom of emotions that had always existed, but had never been felt before. He stared in her eyes as she pleaded for her husband’s life, and at that moment he knew he had to have her. She would be his. Rius spared Alden’s life, and took his wife Lady Ashlyn instead.

To bleed emotions into the nothingness and breathe life into death.

She was the world to him, and he protected her fervently. They moved around at first, constantly on the run. Until eventually Rius found a place they could hide away.

She was the most gorgeous being he had ever seen. She radiated everything good, and had been the perfect trophy wife for Alden Fairthought. As time passed she eventually thanked Rius for stealing her away. Her marriage had been arranged, and there was nothing between her and Alden. She couldn’t bare him a child and he resented her for it. The truth was she was hoping to die that night when she offered her life for his.

Years passed and they both fell in love with each other. Rius survived by doing odd jobs for a local thief’s guild, known as the Laughing Jacks. Whatever they needed he did, no questions asked. He did his best to hide his identity, and keep others from knowing who he was. He only worked at night, using the shadows to hide him from the world. He donned a silver faceplate so that none could see his face or features. He worked for the Laughing Jacks under the alias of “Grim”.

Life was good, with Lady Ash Rius had something to live for, and life finally meant more than death. He cherished their time together, she erased the darkness, and with her he would start a family.

To topple the foundations of routine.

While the years had been good to Rius and a newly pregnant Lady Ash, they had not been so kind to Alden Fairthought. He had become increasingly cruel and paranoid since his encounter with the assassin. He was not taken seriously in court, and lost the respect of his people. He walled himself in his new manner, and focused on only revenge. He wanted Rius to pay… and would do anything to see it happen. Through bargains and deals Alden hired a group of seedy but notorious mercenaries to hunt down his assassin, and bring back his beloved trophy wife.

While Rius enjoyed his life, the guillotine of fate slowly began its decent downward. It was a typical night when the heavy blade fell home. It was late night while Rius was hard at work for the Jacks. He completed his normal routines and traveled home, but something was wrong. Smoke rose in large plumes were his house should have been.

Several men stood around the building looking satisfied. They were grizzly men, armed to the teeth, and had the look of veteran warriors. Rage coursed through Rius, as he began gathering the shadows. They would pay for this… His new life with Ashlyn was burning away before his eyes.

They weren’t prepared for the storm that was Rius. The darkness engulfed them all, as his shadows and blades met human flesh. He reveled in the slaughter, extracting his revenge swiftly until only one soldier remained. Rius “removed” the answers from this last warrior. Apparently Alden did not burn his wife alive, he simply rescued his trophy, and destroyed the livelihood of his assassin.

However Alden’s feelings would change once he found out his Lady Ashlyn was with child.

To give purpose to a tortured soul.

She had committed adultery, which was a high crime punishable by death. Lady Ash had made a mockery of his title and house by sleeping with his enemy, and to top it all off she was with child!! The bitch Ashlyn couldn’t conceive for him, but for a filthy dark elf she was fertile. Fate had damaged Alden greatly, and he would see them all pay for this.

A public display would be fitting, death by axe. It would lure out his enemy, and give him the chance to kill them both. Alden was not a stupid man, slightly cruel yes, but defiantly not dumb. His plan worked, the church found her guilty of adultery, and the order was given to the axe man. Take her head as an example to all.

Rius fought through the mass of people to reach the stage. The axe was descending while he ran toward Ash… he knew he wouldn’t make it in time. Her eyes searched for him in the crowd seeing him moments before the blade fell home. Their eyes locked, and time spread to eternity. Tears rolled from her eyes as she mouthed the words “I love you”.

The axe did its job neatly. It slammed home biting into the wood beneath the throat, her head rolled onto the stage below staring death into the crowd.

Rius does not remember the moments after her death. Only that he woke in the basement of the Laughing Jacks guild house. He had taken many near fatal wounds, and would owe the Jacks greatly for saving him.

Purpose of a tortured soul

Rius still travels by the name “Grim”. He wanders the land, taking jobs of any nature to repay the Laughing Jacks. He has no loyalties, no friends, and owns only debts. He can’t stay long in one place for his enemies will surely find him.

He searches for a way to bring back his beloved Ashyln, and recreate the life they once had. He will do anything for her, even in her death.