Erzsebet Dravidan

"Well, of course when you combine Oxblood's Linear Superficial Distortion with Phossar's Portable Wall of Submission, such a conclusion would be forthcoming. It would be just a simple matter of aligning the isolinear integrity flow into the radial energy "
User: Dee
Race: Traladaran
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Magic-User/1
Erzsebet Dravidan is a slight girl, with long ash brown hair and large brown eyes. She favors earth tones and soft fabrics, her favorite outfit being a ochre dress of Sindish silk with dark brown leather gloves and soft boots. Erzie presents herself as a bubbly young lady, chatty and friendly. But, behind her lovely smile is a keen mind and a sharp tongue.


Zarâg Zarâgad, a freewheeling dwarven merchant and Infernal scholar who runs one of Erzie's favorite haunts, a reading room and coffee house in the undercity. Zarâgad is friendly for a dwarf, but thinks of most matters in terms of profits.

Teran Zvakema, Erzie's ex. Her sharp tongue managed to horribly upset him at the start of last semester in a moment of utter stupidity that even she is too embarrassed to think about.

Professor Díniel Aradarian, elven instructor of Geomantic Arts and Modern Practical Magery. Erzie's campus advisor.
Erzsebet is the youngest of the Dravidans, a prominent House known for their fine horses. The girl recently began attending the university, majoring in Applied Enchantments and minoring in Essential Theoretical Geomancy. After her public humiliation of House Zvakema's eldest son, Erzie has been the scorn of her peers.
Erzsebet Dravidan
Female Lawful Magic-User 1

Str 11
Dex 16
Con 15
Int 16
Wis 15
Cha 14

(2) Daggers; Clothes, fine

Fresh Rations (1 week); Tinderbox; Rope; Rucksack; Sack (small); Waterskin; Boots, riding; Dissection instruments; Magnifying spectacles; Tinted lenses for Spectacles; 4oz Pestle & Mortar; 3 vials (acid); 50 pg book; Metal pen; 3 vials (ink: black/green/red); Pewter mug; Soap, bar; Tea pot; 4oz black tea; 1 pt. spiced pears

1st Level