"Win and live, lose and die."
User: Alex
Race: Thri-kreen
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/13
Jorgen is a stereotypical Thri-kreen. Insectile, tall, and thin. His most distinguishing feature is the wispy designs painted in black on his exoskeleton. His eyes have a haunted look and you'd swear the edges of his body bleed into shadow even in the middle of the desert.
Like most Thri-kreen, Jorgen was required to be as self sufficient as possible before he even reached adulthood. He learned how to survive the barren wastes of Athas and to make use of everything to survive. This has led to some rather interesting moments as Jorgen has taken food from rather unconventional places. After just a few short years, Jorgen left his clutch to explore the wastes and perfect himself in mind and body. His travels took him into 'civilized' lands, and the rest of the story is still being told.