"Go big or go home"
User: Dustin
Campaign: Kingmaker
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/ kings champion /6
an average size elf, Druss does at times appear larger and smaller. his long dark flowing purple hair, which is often mistaken as black makes him appear dark and cold. he's quick and agile but not short on strength. his years of dual wielding weapons has brought him a very high dexterity and strength. he always carries a small bag with his trophies which has now turned into the chain from the stag lords father. as he kills he adds a piece to a link. his long dark brown jacket holds lots of secrets, from daggers and other weapons to his blacksmithing tool. it seems to have endless amounts of pockets. his eyes always seem to be narrow as if he is focusing in on something.
Druss has an exciting life. Exploring the greenbelt has added to hay excitement.

As a child druss father was killed in an Orc raid on their elven village.
Raised by his mother and other town leader druss learned alot of different skills. No more so then that of blacksmithing. He picked this up from his best friend matyu's father. While
Blacksmithing he feel in live with weapons and wanted to not only create them but be proficient with all of them. Matyu and Druss were inseparable. They grew into their young adult years together. Becoming two of the towns best fighters, hunters, and jokesters. their nicknames were the blade (druss) and the hammer (matyu). These names characterized not only their styles and personalities but also their weapon of choice. A battle ax and a war hammer. Alot changed in Druss's life when Matyu was killed while the two of them were
hunting and were ambushed by a pack of hob goblins who seemed to just want to kill and leave. As druss held matyu with hobgoblin arrows covering his body he promised to not only carry his memory but also his warhammer. That is why druss dual wields in battle When druss returned home everything reminded him if his fallen best friend. Others he thought were close couldn't seem to understand his

He left their small town and began to travel the world. He spent time in a dwarven village after he saved a dwarf from drowning. Here he learned more about axes and weapons. Later he spent a year with a monk named Kingsol. Kingsol taught him not only how to use martial arts weapons but also about a life code. Druss had always believed in right and wrong but under kingsol's tutelage he began to
become more black and white with his ideals. Good is good. Evil is evil.
Although you may act out side of your nature, who you are is who you will always be and that always wins out.

After matyu died druss never really let anyone in to much. He's been hesitant to really be friends with anyone. Although exploring has brought him much joy and has become close to a few of his fellow exploring partners. Druss often keeps momentos of his kills. To most it seems to be a trophy and it partly is but also partly a reminder of who he has killed and to carry them with him. As he does
matyu. Every now and then you see the playful, joking side of druss that he shared with matyu.
Druss is never with out a weapon in his hand. From his battle axe or warhammer
while exploring to a simple
Dagger that he twirls while relaxing around the camp fire. He often runs the
blades across his skin and seems to enjoy the feeling

He also after a battle can be seen but often not heard talking/whispering to his