Delfin Slighthand

User: Celestian
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Thief/3
Age: 78
Sex: Male
Weight: 97
Height: 5'2''
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Delfin follows in the footsteps of his father. An explorer and Adventurer. Seeking strange and hidden treasures of knowledge and mystery.

As a young child he would listen to the stories of adventure his father would tell and dream of the day he would follow his own group of friends into a dark cave or ruin to see what lay just around the next corner.

Coins and gems while pretty tend to not hold much value for Delfin. Magic and relics are what he seeks to uncover and bring back for all to see.

While he might be adept at the slight of hand, he does not consider himself a "thief". He uses his skills to get past those hidden pitfalls and the sheer climb to the top of the ancient tower.

Delfin is quite patient and would like to research for months and perhaps years (if his human companions would allow him) learning all he can of a lair, ruin or magical treasure before he will even set foot inside. Seeing as elves live for hundreds of years it's just good planning on his part. It would be nothing to sit and watch the entrance to a cave for a few weeks to see who goes in and out.

(ooc: Think of him as a fantasy/elvish version of Indiana Jones.)
/roll 1d20+2

/roll 1d20

Name: Delfin Slighthand
Class: Thief
Level: 4
Alignment: CG
Player: Mike W.

Move Base: 12

DEX:17, +2 reaction/missile adjuts, -3 defense

Current: 27
MaxHP:27 (+10 hp perm from magic card)
AC: 5
Worn: Leather Armor
Dex Adj: -3

L. Sword +1 to hit (elf)
S. Sword +1 to hit (elf) (non-prof -3)
S. Bow + to hit (elf)

PP: 50%
OL: 32%
F/R Trap: 35%
MS: 38%
HS: 40%
HN: 20%
CW: 88%
RL: 20%

- Gear
2 torches
1 wk ration
2x sack large
2x sack small
8 iron spikes

thieves picks
lantern hooded
3x oil
rope 49'

sm belt pouch

short bow
quiver (12 arrows)

leather armor

l. sword+scabbard
s. sword+scabbard

* magic dagger+scabbard (additional 1d4 to backstab damage).

*(magic)serpentine dagger, (magic)another dagger

* potions:
wereshape, jumping, healing heavy, truth, potion of full healing

* signet ring, wolf emblem

*(magic)serpentine dagger(+2 fire damage?), (magic)black handled dagger (?)

6x silver arrows

- Wealth (started with 110)
230 gold
33 SQUARE gold
5 sp

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