The Journal of Galvin

Campaign: The Book of Sorrows

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Deep thoughts by Galvin
This circlet has opened my mind considerably. I can now remember that part of my past that has been closed away for so long.

It was my first week as an apprentice with Silverwind that we were hired by the priest to clean the belfry. This task was too menial for my great master, so he ordered me to scale the tower walls. This was a seemingly impossible task as the tower walls were sheer indeed. When I expressed my doubt to old wizard, he just laughed.

"Nothing is impossible for one trained in the ancient arts of MAGIC..." he exclaimed, and before I knew it he forced a large living spider down my throat. He said the proper words and I was soon able to climb the wall with ease. However, I could never stand to be near a spider again!
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Exerpts from Galvin's Journal
... poisoned by a spider. We tried saving Myron to no avail. Rupert's Wand of Resurrection failed us. I will study this wand more to see what secrets it hides.

... at last the forest is behind us. I am glad Corbin took the book. Let him shoulder the burden. My mind feels free for the first time since we found the damned thing. Tonight will be the first good night sleep I've had in a long time.

... is acting very strange today. What did he say to the fox people. Surely we could have avoided that massacre. I will keep an eye on our cleric. Perhaps Corbin is being influenced by the Book just as I was.
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Several Exerpts from Galvin’s Journal
... I cannot believe Belnor left right after we acquired this accursed book. Just when I need him the most. Something must have happened to him. After Silverwind's death, Belnor's strength was there to carry me through. Maybe I've been relying on him too much. Perhaps Thor needs him more than I do. Belnor is a faithful servant and I am sure Thor is by his side, whether he's on this material plane or in Valhalla.

… the Book of Sorrows. I know that it is evil, but the secrets inside are calling me. How can I pass up this opportunity to learn? That dark elf, Telnok, believed he could use it’s power to summon the likes of Asmodeus. I know there is potential to use this knowledge for good. With what I learn from this book, I could arm myself against such devils.

… My head!! I can barely hold my hand steady to write. I only had the book open for a few minutes and it feels as if spikes were being driven through my eyes. Corbin is right, the sooner this book is destroyed the better.

… I felt the Book of Sorrows beckoning to me, but I resisted this morning. I spent some time with my most valuable possession... Silverwind’s Spellbook. And it was time well spent. I was finally able to decipher another spell... Magic Missile.

… Lyrian and Myron are an interesting pair and their help is very much appreciated. Especially if they can get us through the forest quickly. I’ve got to get rid of this book. Sometimes, I think I hear it talking to me.

… Trask may be upset after the stunt I pulled tonight. I’m sure I'll pay for it later but it was worth it just to see the look on his face. All in all this was a great day... I bravely stood up against those giant spiders...
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Galvin's Journal Entry 3
A barn… I spent the night in a barn. Master Silverwind’s study had dozens of books that told tale of brave heroes on perilous quests. None of which describes the brave young hero being woken in the middle of the night to watch an intoxicated dwarf milk a cow.

Hero! That’s a good one. I am no hero. I am a lowly apprentice mage without a master. I can barely grasp but four of the spells out Silverwind’s entire spellbook. And try as I might, I can only commit one to memory at a time. Master Silverwind would tell me to have patience… and to remember there is more to a wizard than magic. Ha!

Perhaps… if my sleep was not interrupted I would be in a better mood.

I should not be too hard on my new friend Trask. He, along with Delfin, have been very generous. I am glad they have chosen to accompany Belnor and me on this quest.

After reaching Tagbar, yesterday, it did not take us long to locate Rupert. To my dismay, it turns out Rupert is the crazy old man we heard rumors of back in Ishthid. I discovered, during a more lucid moment with Rupert, the being responsible for my master’s death is a dark elf by the name of Telnoch. Rupert, was responsible for keeping a special book, The Book of Sorrows. This book was stolen from him. Those monsters that killed Silverwind must have been after this book.

Whatever, it takes I will recover the Book of Sorrows… for Silverwind and for Rupert!

Enough writing for now... I must take what little time I have left this morning to examine this wand.

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Galvin's Journal Entry 2
I have spent the last two days pouring over Silverwind's tome. Most of the arcane writings I still find difficult to comprehend. Fortunately, the book is also filled with many of the more mundane musings of my master.

It is this final entry that leaves me most anxious. My master speaks of an old friend and a book. Silverwind was clearly concerned for his friend's well being. To my amazement he seemed set to send me off to Tagbar to investigate.

I must honor Silverwind's wish to help his friend. As it is, I can afford to stay in this inn indefinitely. And, perhaps this Rupert can help me in turn. An old friend of my master may be able to assist me with the arcane secrets still held within Silverwind's book.

The trouble my master writes about makes my wary to go alone. I will ask Belnor to accompany me. I will discuss this with him tomorrow at the Hooksnout. I trust he will have some insight.

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