User: Jack
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magic-User/3
Galvin is tall and lean with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a long black and red cloak with many pockets. Several of which are filled with small toys that he has either made or collected. He also wears a matching black and red wide brimmed hat. He is often seen walking around with a sturdy yet intricately carved wooden staff.
Galvin was the son of a carpenter. Rather than seriously studying his father's trade, he liked to make wooden toys. After several mysterious magical mishaps in the wood-shop, his father sent him away to be apprenticed to a sorcerer of some renown, Silverwind.

Silverwind had a sinister reputation due to his failure with his previous apprentice. Despite the townsfolk's disdain, he was a good master to Galvin who quickly learned to control his powers.

Galvin had spent many years with his master and was just a few scant months away from the end of his apprenticeship. Whilst away carousing at the local tavern, his master was set upon by orcs. Galvin soon discovered the monsters destroyed their home and grievously wounded Silverwind. Galvin also learned that Silverwind's spellbook was stolen. His master pleaded with Galvin to retrieve the book. Galvin with the help of the brave cleric, Belnor, recovered the stolen book. They returned it to Silverwind, but it was too late. Silverwind had succumbed to his wounds. But before doing so he gave Galvin the spellbook with his blessing.
Name: Galvin

Class: Magic-User
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Level: 3
Hit Points: 14(9) / Current: 5
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sec. Skill: Toy Maker

STR [ 10 ] to hit: +0 damage: +0
INT [ 18 ] spells: 85% min: 9 max: 18
WIS [ 07 ] magical attack adj: -1
DEX [ 15 ] react/attack: +0 defense: -1
CON [ 11 ] hits: +0 sys: 75% res: 80%
CHA [ 12 ] reaction adj: +0%

Height: 6'0" Movement base: 12"(12")
Weight: 175lb Carrying capacity: 500gp
Thaco: 20 Armor class: 7(10)

Languages: Common, Chaotic Good, Gnome, Dwarvish, Goblin, Elvish


Magic-User Spells: 2 1


Level 1: Magic Missile, Read Magic, Unseen Servant, Sleep, Ventriloquism
Level 2: Invisibility

Saving throws:
Paralyze, poison or death magic: 14
Petrify or polymorph: 13
Rod, staff or wand: 11
Breath weapon: 15
Spell: 12

Proficient weapons: Staff

Weapon in hand: Hell's Flame Staff (1d6+1)

Hell's flame staff
Rupert's Wand of ??
Wand of Minor Fireballs
Bracers (-2 to AC)
Ring (+5 to HP)
Circlet (+2 to INT)
Spell component pouch
Silverwind's Spellbook
Book on plants and herbs
Silver bracelet w/ "super" inscribed
Leather boots
Pocket knife
Bag of marbles
Half of a crossbow bolt
Misc. Toys: wooden blocks, jacks, wooden doll

Adventurer kit
Rations (1 week)
Small belt pouch
Torch (2)

Gold: 15
Silver: 9
Copper: 7
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