Maxima Fortunus

"Life is Magic"
User: Stephen
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock - Templar (Sorcerer King Pact)/3
Wearing a mantle of haughty arrogance and pride, Maxima seeks always to impress and awe in any situation. She can dress regally for a court function or at the height of street fashion when dealing in the markets and more seedy areas of a settlement or city.
Born into a long line of Urikian artisans, Maxima's father, Eoru, sought long for an escape from his native city-state. Alas, his fame and skill made him too valuable and recognizable to make flight an option. But he had greater hopes for his daughter.

At a young age maxima showed signs of both magical talent and pottery/stonecraft. Her works were small and delicate but nonetheless caught the eye of a templar of Hamanu. Seeing the child as a prodigy, the templar approached his king with news of a potential magical artisan of skill that might one day surpass even that her sire.

Taking an interest, Hamanu summoned forth the child and her father, and she was ultimately pressed into royal service as a young templar.

Eoru riled inwardly against what he perceived as the corruption and slavery of his daughter. Outwardly he praised the king for his wisdom and grace and willingly led his daughter in the ceremony of power.

But Eoru was not to give up this easily. He began work on his greatest work. Calling it a commission for a foreign patron, Eoru plied clay with the magics secretly granted by a bargain with the fey powers. To the world his creation would appear a stunning work of beauty...a clay and stone statue of a woman with great trailing tresses holding a smooth bowl to the sky.

Years past and as maxima was indoctrinated into the Urik Templars, her father worked feverishly to make good her escape.

For this work was much more precious than any simple artistic rendering. The statue was fashioned from living clay; clay that would be given it's life by Eoru's ultimate sacrifice of water, blood, and life magic.

Before the final imbuing rite, Eoru called to his friends in the Veiled Alliance. He asked them to take his daughter to Tyr where she might take up a quest long pondered by his family.

Stealing into the templar hold, Eoru and the Veiled Alliance members accessed his daughters chambers. Explaining his plan and giving her a shard containing the thoughts of himself and his forefathers as her legacy. He imbued the final rite and the statue began to mold around her form. Her conditioning already well formed, Maxima cried out for aid by reflex but the Alliance restrained her. When her chambers were investigated for signs of her all that was found were a pile of her clothes and a mound of wasted silt ash.

The templars believed her consumed by defiling magics gone awry and with the contacts of the Veiled Alliance, Maxima was secreted out of Urik.

During her time on the clay statue the shardstone talked to her and explained the role of magic in Athas...from the abuses that led to its downfall to the hope for an Athas renewed.

Maxima has learned much from the Veiled Alliance and from her study of her fellow sentients. Her quest is to ultimately restore Athas to its former state: one of a world brimming with life and magic.

To the world she is what they expect of a master artisan and wielder of power: arrogant, powerful and haughty. She adopts varying personalities to suit the environment.