"Survival of the fittest? I am the fittest!"
User: Ktulu
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warlord/1
Korgul is a physically imposing creature, standing at six-and-a-half feet with broad shoulders and a wide chest.

Korgul looks human, mostly. He could pass for one at a distance or in dim light. Up close, however, one can see the small tusks and deep ruddy brown skin.

His demeanor matches his size. Raised to be the best, Korgul acts as such in every way. His clan worshipped Kord, and he is no different.
Korgul was raised in the Orcish Bloodbone clan where he learned quickly that survival meant being cold, calculated and, above all, willing to do whatever was necessary to win.

His clan was one of the more civilized, and were often used by the kingdom as a barrier in the South Marches. As such, the orcs saw a measure of citizenship not normally granted. After the first Dragon Crusades, the queen reinstated the long-running policies of Nerath that placed all non-humans as second and third-class. She had a special hatred for orcs and ordered the culling of many a clan. The human-looking orcs (or half-orcs) were sold into slavery, or drafted into the brute-squads.

Korgul was one such orc. His superior, Bann Teague, was especially cruel, enjoying the torment he put non-humans through. Korgul dealt with such events as best he could. Survival meant complacency. It was only when Bann Teague ordered the slaughter of some orc refugees that Korgul had enough. He fought back to protect the orcs... only to fail. They slaughtered the orcs and left Korgul for dead.


His wounds were superficial, but his guilt would not heal so easily. Korgul heard about the slaying stone in a drunken game of three-dragon ante and seeks it to end the queen's tyranny.