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The English language is not a burden when you are in middle school. However, when you enter your high school, you need to polish yourself enough to deal with the challenging essay assignments and papers.

And especially when it comes to choosing your topic, this task becomes more challenging. An argumentative essay entirely depends on the analytical, research, and writing skills of a student. The purpose of this essay is to test the debating abilities of a student, and his performance in it had a significant influence.

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We have categorized the argumentative essay topics into a few major categories, including:

1. Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

• Internet must be limited to students

• Students worldwide should get free education

• Which is the best second language to study?

• Does academic grading useful in determining performance?

• Every student must have a right to choose his desired discipline

2. College-Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

• Smoking must be banned in public

• Is there still any justice for all?

• Tobacco production must be made illicit

• The best age to have the right to the vote

• Alcohol usage should be controlled appropriately

3. School-Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

• Negative effects of dieting

• There’s a dire need to fight with anorexia nervosa

• What are some dangerous sports?

• Is there still a demand for golf?

• The actual relation between fitness, food, and weight

4. Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

• Which country has the highest corruption rate?

• Are political authorities involved in some illicit acts in
the US?

• The government should ban same-sex marriages

• Is gun the last way to control crime?

• Do public schools really need some new regulations?

5. Technology-Based Argumentative Essay Topics

• Does technology make people smarter or dumber?

• Negative aspects of mobile phones

• Violent video games must be banned

• How is technology influencing the human mind?

• The link between technology and education

6. Music and Art Argumentative Essay Topics

• Can art be a successful profession?

• Are modern lyrics exploiting youth minds?

• The magnificent history of mankind; gothic art

• The real meaning of today’s musical lyrics

• Does art pays?

7. Argumentative Essay Topics for 6-Grade

• First aid should be free for every citizen

• Role of partners in a relationship

• Do parents have rights to control the lives of their children after 16?

• People should invest less time on their office work

• What’s the real concept of global warming?

Here are all the topics, and we are certain that you’ll definitely choose at least one out of them.

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