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Is Transferring Colleges Hard?
Whether or not transferring colleges is hard or easy depends on each student's individual situation. Some colleges make an effort to design an easier process for outgoing and incoming transfer students. It is also important to consider the type of essay writer the student is seeking. For example, many community colleges around the United States have firm transfer agreements in place with state universities to make the process as simple as possible. For some foreign or low-ranked four-year colleges, the transfer process is more difficult.
How Does the Transfer Process Work?
Colleges vary in their requirements for transfer students, but most require them to follow the same route of application as new freshmen. Typically, the transfer student must submit an application for admission and wait to hear a response from the desired school. If necessary, the potential transfer must also list the new school on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be eligible for financial assistance from the new school. The actual transfer of existing college credit usually only takes place after the student is accepted.
What Are Problems Transfer Students Encounter?
In terms of dealing with their new school's administration, new students often find it harder to receive housing and financial aid than students who start attending as freshmen. Some transfer students also find that class credits earned at their previous school do not always transfer to their new school, potentially forcing them to retake classes in certain required subjects. On the social side of things, transfer students must adjust to life on a new campus. This is particularly difficult if transfer students live off-campus.
Is Transferring Colleges Hard Enough to Prevent Students From Doing It?
For most transfer students, the benefits of transferring colleges far outweigh the potential pitfalls of the transfer process. However, transfer students must be more motivated and passionate about achieving their social and academic goals than their peers. Transfer students who make an effort to integrate often find they are more than welcome in their new academic environment. The new relationships, experiences and academic challenges are a great incentive.