User: John
Race: Svirfneblin
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Fighter/4
Far beneath the surface of the earth dwell the svirfneblin, the deep gnomes. Small parties of these demi-humans roam here and there in the underworld mazes of small passagewyas, always in search of gem minerals. Lokesvararaja “Rara” Silverslate is a female Svirfneblin with a wry lean body, hard as a slab of stone, yet only three feet tall. Her skin is gray, her eyes are black and she has a shock of white unkempt hair sprouting from her head. She carries her trusty gnome hooked hammer, “Tenderizer.”
Most svirfneblin females are responsible for tending to food sources, serving as fishers, cooks, farmers and herders. Great mushroom farms are part of every Deep Gnome city. But Rara is also an artisan, working with gemstones and metals, a jeweler of sorts. She likes to make little objects and creatures, her favorite are Xorn, out of bits of metal and give them to friends. She is a loyal and unflinching comrade whose pragmatic outlook is balanced by a wry, self-deprecating wit. But she does have a flaw, there is no difference between what she thinks and what she says. She’s missing that filter. Her mother was a Goblinsticker, virtually fearless, she chose a life of adventure, one that put her on a collision course with their hated foes, the goblins. That exterminator lifestyle came with a hindrance, she was unable to decline the battle. And that eventually cost her her life.
Her father was in the group of svirfneblins that were rescued and returned by Wintersbane. Once she sees the cruel mutilations done to her people by the drow she wants to join the party partially in a debt of gratitude, but also fueled by rage and hate. And once she sees that the party of surface dwellers is largely female, she will feel empowered to join as well. Much like her mother she will declare the hated drow the foe of her life. Turns out, she is a savage and tenacious fighter when easily provoked into battle.