Lysa Oliviet / Sob "Ricky" Riquet

"L: All the world's a stage...; S: Another round!!!"
User: Ryan
Campaign: Lankhmar
Race: Human
Gender: Other
Role: Other
Class/Level: Thief/Seasoned
L: Popular stage actress, 5'6", early 20's, short sandy brown hair, attractive, is agile and has a definite stage presence.
S: "Retired" seaman, 5'6", early 30's with red hair and a goatee. Has a significant limp on his right leg.
L: Actress at the Golden Theater. Former Tyla Deepneau orphan and member of the Circus of the Forgotten. Found professional success acting at Ms. Caroleen Marchiiti's Golden Theater as the witch in 'The Tangerine Stocking'. Member of the Players' Guild. Mentor of Bastion Arno. Mentee of Billy Mulligan.

S: "Retired" seaman out of Earth's End. Five years a ago, Ricky was crew on an ill-fated ship sailing the Outer Sea. A storm and/or monster struck and ultimately Ricky and a Kleshi slave were the sole survivors. Together they were able to save the undisclosed cargo and the very grateful and discrete client rewarded them very handsomely. However, Ricky seriously injured his leg in the incident and in now unable/unwilling to crew. He is no longer a member of any Guild. Ever since the accident, Ricky pays tribute to Church of the Cephalpodi, due to divine intervention.

Ricky now spends his time in early retirement in Lankmahri pubs. He comes and goes from various establishments and is well liked by the pub regulars. He often tells outlandish stories from his time at sea that are generally 51% credible. He is also a great listener and is willing to share some of this learned knowledge, for a price. Ricky also has an informal network of informants that help him gather information.

Ricky was born in Lankmahr to vagrant's that abandoned him as an infant. He grew up in orphanages, including a short stint in Tlya's orphanage, then he found the docks and the sea when he was 12 and never turned back. He eventually committed to successful Captain Jacobi Zetoni in Earth's End to ply his trade. Captain Jocabi, gods rest his soul, died in the accident and the ship was lost.
Guild connections:
(SR) Shippers - Retired
(LO) Players Guild - Member
(both) Thieves Guild - Billy

(SR) Church of Cephlopodi (maritime chaos)
(LO) Legion of the Chameleon (many faces)

Overconfident (Major) - High esteem of abilities
Loyal - to Circus of the Forgotten and other associates that have earned her trust.
Wanted - Holding identities/secrets close to the vest to protect herself and others.

Thief: +2 Climb, Stealth, Lockpick, Notice
Alert: +2 Notice
Acrobat: +2 Agility, +1 Parry
Elan: Benny on trait roll, +2 to final total